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FCALL(3)										 FCALL(3)

       fcall - recreate packet delimiters

       Fctlfd = open(".../ctl", ORDWR);
       Fwrite(ctlfd, "push fcall", 10);

       Fcall is a stream module (see stream(3)) that can be pushed onto a connection to a 9P file
       server. The function of the module is to recreate packet delimiters lost in  transmission.
       The  9P	protocol  demands  that  network connections preserve delimiters between messages
       written to the file server.  Stream based protocols, like  TCP,	are  unable  to  preserve
       delimiters.  The delimiters must be recreated by the receiver before a packet is read by a
       file system.

       Fcall examines a data stream and identifies 9P messages from their type. The length of the
       message	is computed from the header.  Data is collected and buffered by the stream module
       until an entire 9P message has been assembled. A single message is then delimited and sent
       upstream to be read by a file server.

       stream(3), ip(3), exportfs(4), srv(4)


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