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register_shutdown_function(3) [php man page]


register_shutdown_function - Register a function for execution on shutdown

void register_shutdown_function (callable $callback, [mixed $parameter], [mixed $...]) DESCRIPTION
Registers a $callback to be executed after script execution finishes or exit(3) is called. Multiple calls to register_shutdown_function(3) can be made, and each will be called in the same order as they were registered. If you call exit(3) within one registered shutdown function, processing will stop completely and no other registered shutdown functions will be called. PARAMETERS
o $callback - The shutdown callback to register. The shutdown callbacks are executed as the part of the request, so it's possible to send output from them and access output buffers. o $parameter - It is possible to pass parameters to the shutdown function by passing additional parameters. o $... - RETURN VALUES
No value is returned. ERRORS
/EXCEPTIONS If the passed callback is not callable a E_WARNING level error will be generated. EXAMPLES
Example #1 register_shutdown_function(3) example <?php function shutdown() { // This is our shutdown function, in // here we can do any last operations // before the script is complete. echo 'Script executed with success', PHP_EOL; } register_shutdown_function('shutdown'); ?> NOTES
Note Working directory of the script can change inside the shutdown function under some web servers, e.g. Apache. Note Shutdown functions will not be executed if the process is killed with a SIGTERM or SIGKILL signal. While you cannot intercept a SIGKILL, you can use pcntl_signal(3) to install a handler for a SIGTERM which uses exit(3) to end cleanly. SEE ALSO
auto_append_file, exit(3), The section on connection handling. PHP Documentation Group REGISTER_SHUTDOWN_FUNCTION(3)

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dxshutdown(8)						      System Manager's Manual						     dxshutdown(8)

dxshutdown - Performs various types of automated system shutdown. SYNOPSIS
/usr/bin/X11/dxshutdown OPTIONS
The dxshutdown command accepts all of the standard X Toolkit command-line options, which are documented in the OPTIONS section of the X(1X) reference page. DESCRIPTION
The Shutdown Manager application, dxshutdown, provides the system administrator with a graphical user interface for running user-specified scripts at shutdown time in addition to performing the following types of automated system shutdown: Halt (and restart console mode) Reboot Single-user mode shutdown Message-only shutdown Dependencies: None. You do not need to configure anything prior to running Shutdown Manager. You must be root to run Shutdown Manager. Shutdown Manager also lets the system administrator display one or more warning messages prior to system shutdown. The dxshutdown command uses the Tru64 UNIX shutdown command as an API, passing command-line arguments as specified by application defaults and user inputs. The Shutdown Manager also provides the following features, which the shutdown command does not provide: Selection of a preshutdown script to be executed prior to system shutdown Easy cancellation for a shutdown while the timed countdown is in progress Maintenance of an error- and-script output log under /var/adm/sysman/dxshutdown.log Saving and restoring user-selected shutdown options over multiple invocations of the Shutdown Manager application For additional information about the graphical user interface, see the online help volume, which is available from the Help button in the main window of the Shutdown Manager application. To start dxshutdown from the graphical user interface: Click on the Application Manager icon on the CDE front panel. Double click on the System_Admin application group icon. Double click on the Daily Admin application group icon. Double click on the Shutdown Manager appli- cation icon. EXAMPLES
To start Shutdown Manager from the command line, enter: dxshutdown To open the Shutdown Manager help volume from the command line, enter the following command: /usr/dt/bin/dthelpview -h /usr/dt/appconfig/help/C/DXshutdown.sdl FILES
Shutdown Manager executable Shutdown Manager log file Shutdown Manager help volume Shutdown Manager resource file (for option settings) SEE ALSO
Commands: fasthalt(8), halt(8), rc0(8), reboot(8), rwalld(8), shutdown(8), sync(8), X(1X) dxshutdown(8)

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