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OSX 10.6.2 - man page for taskgated (osx section 8)

taskgated(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					      taskgated(8)

taskgated -- task_for_pid access control daemon
taskgated [-ps] [-t timeout] [-i pid]
taskgated is a system daemon that implements a policy for the task_for_pid system service. When the kernel is asked for the task port of a process, and preliminary access control checks pass, it invokes this daemon (via launchd) to make the decision.
-p Accepts the old (Tiger) convention that a process with a primary effective group of procmod or procview is allowed to get task ports. Without this option, this legacy mode is not supported. -s Allow signed applications marked as "safe" to have free access to task ports, without having to pass an authorization check. Note that such callers must be marked both allowed and safe. -t timeout The daemon will quit after that many seconds of inactivity. It will be relaunched by launchd as needed. A timeout of zero can be specified to make the daemon quit after servicing each request, but a small positive timeout is better for performance. -i pid Inject the service port of taskgated into the process with the given pid, rather than relying on launchd to install it system-wide. This is for testing only, and requires the launchd configuration for taskgated to be removed.
system.privilege.taskport Authorization right used to check access of allowed (but not safe) callers.
SecTaskAccess A value of "allowed" is required for any program that wants access to task ports. A value of "safe" bypasses authorization checks if so configured. Code must be signed by any system-trusted signing authority.
/etc/authorization to configure the authorization used. /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ startup configuration file for taskgated
security(1), launchd(8)
taskgated was first introduced in Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard). Certain software updates of Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) introduced the convention requiring membership in the procmod or procview groups to control task port access. Before that, any process could obtain the task port of any other process with the same user-id. Darwin August 21, 2019 Darwin

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