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SLEEP(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						  SLEEP(3)

sleep -- suspend thread execution for an interval measured in seconds LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <unistd.h> unsigned int sleep(unsigned int seconds); DESCRIPTION
The sleep() function suspends execution of the calling thread until either seconds seconds have elapsed or a signal is delivered to the thread and its action is to invoke a signal-catching function or to terminate the thread or process. System activity may lengthen the sleep by an indeterminate amount. This function is implemented using nanosleep(2) by pausing for seconds seconds or until a signal occurs. Consequently, in this implementa- tion, sleeping has no effect on the state of process timers, and there is no special handling for SIGALRM. RETURN VALUES
If the sleep() function returns because the requested time has elapsed, the value returned will be zero. If the sleep() function returns due to the delivery of a signal, the value returned will be the unslept amount (the requested time minus the time actually slept) in seconds. SEE ALSO
nanosleep(2), usleep(3) STANDARDS
The sleep() function conforms to ISO/IEC 9945-1:1990 (``POSIX.1''). HISTORY
A sleep() function appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX. BSD
February 13, 1998 BSD

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SLEEP(3)						     Linux Programmer's Manual							  SLEEP(3)

sleep - sleep for the specified number of seconds SYNOPSIS
#include <unistd.h> unsigned int sleep(unsigned int seconds); DESCRIPTION
sleep() makes the calling thread sleep until seconds seconds have elapsed or a signal arrives which is not ignored. RETURN VALUE
Zero if the requested time has elapsed, or the number of seconds left to sleep, if the call was interrupted by a signal handler. CONFORMING TO
POSIX.1-2001. BUGS
sleep() may be implemented using SIGALRM; mixing calls to alarm(2) and sleep() is a bad idea. Using longjmp(3) from a signal handler or modifying the handling of SIGALRM while sleeping will cause undefined results. SEE ALSO
alarm(2), nanosleep(2), signal(2), signal(7) COLOPHON
This page is part of release 3.44 of the Linux man-pages project. A description of the project, and information about reporting bugs, can be found at GNU
2010-02-03 SLEEP(3)
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