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sandbox-exec(1) [osx man page]

SANDBOX-EXEC(1) 					    BSD General Commands Manual 					   SANDBOX-EXEC(1)

sandbox-exec -- execute within a sandbox SYNOPSIS
sandbox-exec [-f profile-file] [-n profile-name] [-p profile-string] [-D key=value ...] command [arguments ...] DESCRIPTION
The sandbox-exec command enters a sandbox using a profile specified by the -f, -n, or -p option and executes command with arguments. The options are as follows: -f profile-file Read the profile from the file named profile-file. -n profile-name Use the pre-defined profile profile-name. -p profile-string Specify the profile to be used on the command line. -D key=value Set the profile parameter key to value. SEE ALSO
sandbox_init(3), sandbox(7), sandboxd(8) Mac OS X July 29, 2008 Mac OS X

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COLORMGR(1)															       COLORMGR(1)

colormgr - Color Manager Testing Tool SYNOPSIS
colormgr [ --verbose ] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the colormgr command. colormgr allows an administrator to view and change color profile to device mappings. OPTIONS
This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below. --help Show summary of options. COMMANDS
This program takes commands with a variable number of arguments. create-device Creates a color managed device create-profile Create a color profile delete-device Deletes a color managed device delete-profile Deletes a color profile device-add-profile Add a profile to a device that already exists device-get-default-profile Gets the default color profile for a device device-get-profile-for-qualifier Returns all the profiles that match a given qualifier device-make-profile-default Makes a profile default for a specific device device-set-kind Sets the device kind device-set-model Sets the device model device-set-serial Sets the device serial device-set-vendor Sets the device vendor find-device Find a device from the device ID find-device-by-property Find a device with a given property value find-profile Find a profile from the profile ID find-profile-by-filename Find a profile from the filename get-devices Gets all the color managed devices get-devices-by-kind Gets all the color managed devices of a specific kind get-profiles Gets all the available color profiles profile-set-filename Sets the profile filename profile-set-qualifier Sets the profile qualifier AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Richard Hughes <>. 20 December,2008 COLORMGR(1)
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