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sandbox-exec(1) [osx man page]

SANDBOX-EXEC(1) 					    BSD General Commands Manual 					   SANDBOX-EXEC(1)

sandbox-exec -- execute within a sandbox SYNOPSIS
sandbox-exec [-f profile-file] [-n profile-name] [-p profile-string] [-D key=value ...] command [arguments ...] DESCRIPTION
The sandbox-exec command enters a sandbox using a profile specified by the -f, -n, or -p option and executes command with arguments. The options are as follows: -f profile-file Read the profile from the file named profile-file. -n profile-name Use the pre-defined profile profile-name. -p profile-string Specify the profile to be used on the command line. -D key=value Set the profile parameter key to value. SEE ALSO
sandbox_init(3), sandbox(7), sandboxd(8) Mac OS X July 29, 2008 Mac OS X

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SANDBOX_INIT(3) 					   BSD Library Functions Manual 					   SANDBOX_INIT(3)

sandbox_init, sandbox_free_error -- set process sandbox (DEPRECATED) SYNOPSIS
#include <sandbox.h> int sandbox_init(const char *profile, uint64_t flags, char **errorbuf); void sandbox_free_error(char *errorbuf); DESCRIPTION
The sandbox_init() and sandbox_free_error() functions are DEPRECATED. Developers who wish to sandbox an app should instead adopt the App Sandbox feature described in the App Sandbox Design Guide. The sandbox_init() function places the current process into a sandbox(7). The NUL-terminated string profile specifies the profile to be used to configure the sandbox. The flags specified are formed by or'ing the following values: SANDBOX_NAMED The profile argument specifies a sandbox profile named by one of the constants given in the AVAILABLE PROFILES sec- tion below. The out parameter *errorbuf will be set according to the error status. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion of sandbox_init(), a value of 0 is returned and *errorbuf is set to NULL. In the event of an error, a value of -1 is returned and *errorbuf is set to a pointer to a NUL-terminated string describing the error. This string may contain embedded newlines. This error information is suitable for developers and is not intended for end users. This pointer should be passed to sandbox_free_error(3) to release the allocated storage when it is no longer needed. AVAILABLE PROFILES
The following are brief descriptions of each available profile. Keep in mind that sandbox(7) restrictions are typically enforced at resource acquisition time. kSBXProfileNoInternet TCP/IP networking is prohibited. DEPRECATED. kSBXProfileNoNetwork All sockets-based networking is prohibited. DEPRECATED. kSBXProfileNoWrite File system writes are prohibited. DEPRECATED. kSBXProfileNoWriteExceptTemporary File system writes are restricted to the temporary folder /var/tmp and the folder specified by the confstr(3) configuration variable _CS_DARWIN_USER_TEMP_DIR. DEPRECATED. kSBXProfilePureComputation All operating system services are prohibited. DEPRECATED. SEE ALSO
sandbox-exec(1), sandbox(7), sandboxd(8) Mac OS X March 9, 2017 Mac OS X
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