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xcmsdefaultccc(3x11) [osf1 man page]

XcmsDefaultCCC(3X11)													      XcmsDefaultCCC(3X11)

XcmsDefaultCCC - obtain the default CCC for a screen SYNOPSIS
XcmsCCC XcmsDefaultCCC(display, screen_number) Display *display; int screen_number; ARGUMENTS
Specifies the connection to the X server. Specifies the appropriate screen number on the host server. DESCRIPTION
The XcmsDefaultCCC function returns the default CCC for the specified screen. Its visual is the default visual of the screen. Its initial gamut compression and white point adjustment procedures as well as the associated client data are implementation specific. SEE ALSO
DisplayOfCCC(3X11), XcmsCCCofColormap(3X11), XcmsConvertColors(3X11), XcmsCreateCCC(3X11), XcmsSetWhitePoint(3X11) Xlib -- C Language X Interface XcmsDefaultCCC(3X11)

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DisplayOfCCC(3X11)														DisplayOfCCC(3X11)

DisplayOfCCC, VisualOfCCC, ScreenNumberOfCCC, ScreenWhitePointOfCCC, ClientWhitePointOfCCC - Color Conversion Context macros SYNOPSIS
DisplayOfCCC(ccc) XcmsCCC ccc; VisualOfCCC(ccc) XcmsCCC ccc; ScreenNumberOfCCC(ccc) XcmsCCC ccc; ScreenWhitePointOfCCC(ccc) XcmsCCC ccc; ClientWhitePointOfCCC(ccc) XcmsCCC ccc; ARGUMENTS
Specifies the CCC. DESCRIPTION
The DisplayOfCCC macro returns the display associated with the specified CCC. The VisualOfCCC macro returns the visual associated with the specified CCC. The ScreenNumberOfCCC macro returns the number of the screen associated with the specified CCC. The ScreenWhitePointOfCCC macro returns the screen white point of the screen associated with the specified CCC. The ClientWhitePointOfCC macro returns the client white point of the screen associated with the specified CCC. SEE ALSO
XcmsCCCofColormap(3X11), XcmsConvertColors(3X11), XcmsCreateCCC(3X11), XcmsDefaultCCC(3X11), XcmsSetWhitePoint(3X11) Xlib -- C Language X Interface DisplayOfCCC(3X11)

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