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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for property_attributes (opensolaris section 5)

property_attributes(5)			      Sun Cluster Miscellaneous 		       property_attributes(5)

property_attributes - resource property attributes
The list below describes the resource property attributes that you can use to change system-defined properties or create extension properties. You cannot specify NULL or the empty string ("") as the default value for Boolean, Enum, or Int types. Array_maxsize For Stringarray type, the maximum number of array elements permitted. Array_minsize For Stringarray type, the minimum number of array elements that is permitted. Default Indicates a default value for the property. Description A string annotation intended to be a brief description of the property. The description attribute cannot be set in the RTR file for system-defined properties. Enumlist For an Enum type, a set of string values permitted for the property. Extension If used, indicates that the RTR file entry declares an extension property defined by the resource type implementation. Otherwise, the entry is a system-defined property. Max For an Int type, the maximum value permitted for the property. Note that you cannot specify a maximum value for a method timeout. Maxlength For String and Stringarray types, the maximum string length that is permitted. Min For an Int type, the minimal value permitted for the property. Note that you cannot specify Min=0 for a method timeout. Minlength For String and Stringarray types, the minimum string length permitted. Per_node If used, indicates that the extension property can be set on a per-node or a per-zone basis. If you specify the Per_node property attribute in a type definition, you must specify a default value with the Default property attribute as well. Specifying a default value ensures that a value is returned when a user requests a per-node or per-zone property value on a node or zone to which an explicit value has not been assigned. Property The name of the resource property. Property Type Allowed types are: String, Boolean, Int, Enum, and Stringarray. You cannot set the type attribute in an RTR file entry for system-defined properties. The type determines acceptable property values and the type- specific attributes that are allowed in the RTR file entry. An Enum type is a set of string values. Tunable Indicates when the cluster administrator can set the value of this property in a resource. Can be set to None or False to prevent the administrator from setting the property. Values that allow administrator tun- ing are: True or Anytime (at any time), At_creation (only when the resource is created), or When_disabled (when the resource is offline). The default is True (Anytime).
Example 1 An Int Type Definition An Int type definition might look like this: { Property = Probe_timeout; Extension; Int; Default = 30; Tunable = Anytime; Description = "Time out value for the probe (seconds)"; } Example 2 A Per_node Type Definition A Per_node type definition might look like this: { Property = LogLevel; Extension; Enum { Off, Terse, Verbose }; Default = Terse; Per_node; Tunable = At_creation; Description ="Controls the level of detail for logging"; } If you specify the PER_NODE property attribute in a type definition, you must specify a default value with the DEFAULT property attribute as well.
clresource(1CL), clresourcegroup(1CL), clresourcetype(1CL), r_properties(5) rg_properties(5), rt_properties(5) Sun Cluster 3.2 31 Jul 2007 property_attributes(5)

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