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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for grub (opensolaris section 5)

grub(5) 		       Standards, Environments, and Macros			  grub(5)

       grub - GRand Unified Bootloader software on Solaris

       The  current  release of the Solaris operating system is shipped with the GRUB (GRand Uni-
       fied Bootloader) software.  GRUB is developed and supported by the Free	Software  Founda-

       The overview for the GRUB Manual, accessible at www.gnu.org, describes GRUB:

       Briefly,  a boot loader is the first software program that runs when a computer starts. It
       is responsible for loading and transferring control to an operating system kernel software
       (such  as  Linux  or GNU Mach). The kernel, in turn, initializes the rest of the operating
       system (for example, a GNU [Ed. note: or Solaris] system).

       GNU GRUB is a very powerful boot loader that can load a wide variety of free, as  well  as
       proprietary, operating systems, by means of chain-loading. GRUB is designed to address the
       complexity of booting a personal computer; both the program and this  manual  are  tightly
       bound  to  that computer platform, although porting to other platforms may be addressed in
       the future. [Ed. note: Sun has ported GRUB to the Solaris operating system.]

       One of the important features in GRUB is flexibility;  GRUB  understands  filesystems  and
       kernel executable formats, so you can load an arbitrary operating system the way you like,
       without recording the physical position of your kernel on the disk. Thus you can load  the
       kernel  just  by  specifying  its  file	name and the drive and partition where the kernel

       Among Solaris machines, GRUB is supported on x86 platforms.  The  GRUB  software  that  is
       shipped with Solaris adds two utilities not present in the open-source distribution:

       bootadm(1M)	  Enables  you	to  manage  the boot archive and make changes to the GRUB

       installgrub(1M)	  Loads the boot program from disk.

       Both of these utilities are described in Solaris man pages.

       Beyond these two Solaris-specific utilities, the GRUB software is described  in	the  GRUB
       manual,	a PDF version of which is available from the Sun web site.  Available in the same
       location is the grub(8) open-source man page.  This man page describes the GRUB shell.

       boot(1M), bootadm(1M), installgrub(1M)

       Solaris Express Installation Guide: Basic Installations

       System Administration Guide: Basic Administration


SunOS 5.11				   21 Apr 2005					  grub(5)

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