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timezone(4)				   File Formats 			      timezone(4)

       timezone - default timezone data base


       The  timezone  file contains information regarding the default timezone for each host in a
       domain. Alternatively, a single default line for the entire domain  may be specified. Each
       entry has the format:

	 Timezone-name	  official-host-or-domain-name

       Items  are  separated  by  any number of blanks and/or TAB characters. A `#' indicates the
       beginning of a comment; characters up to the end of the line are not interpreted  by  rou-
       tines  which  search  the  file.  The  timezone	is  a  pathname relative to the directory

       This file is not actually referenced by any system software; it is merely used as a source
       file  to  construct the NIS timezone.byname map. This map is read by sysidtool(1M) to ini-
       tialize the timezone of the client system at installation time. For more information,  see
       the Solaris Express Installation Guide: Basic Installations.

       The  timezone  file does not set the timezone environment variable TZ. See TIMEZONE(4) for
       information to set the TZ environment variable.

       Example 1 Typical timezone line

       Here is a typical line from the /etc/timezone file:

	 US/Eastern	     East.Sun.COM #Sun East Coast


       sysidtool(1M), TIMEZONE(4)

       Solaris Express Installation Guide: Basic Installations

SunOS 5.11				   18 Feb 2003				      timezone(4)
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