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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for sulog (opensolaris section 4)

sulog(4)				   File Formats 				 sulog(4)

       sulog - su command log file


       The   sulog file is a record of all attempts by users on the system  to execute the su(1M)
       command.  Each time  su(1M) is executed, an entry is added to the sulog file.

       Each entry in the sulog file is a single line of the form:

	 SU date time
	 result port user-newuser


       date	  The month and date su(1M) was executed.  date is displayed in  the  form  mm/dd
		  where  mm is the month number and dd is the day number in the month.

       time	  The  time   su(1M) was executed. time is displayed in the form  HH/MM where  HH
		  is the hour number (24 hour system) and  MM is the minute number.

       result	  The result of the  su(1M) command.  A ` + ' sign is displayed in this field  if
		  the su attempt was successful; otherwise  a ` - ' sign is displayed.

       port	  The name of the terminal device from which  su(1M) was executed.

       user	  The user id of the user executing the  su(1M) command.

       newuser	  The user id being switched to with  su(1M).

       Example 1 A sample sulog file.

       Here is a sample sulog file:

	 SU 02/25 09:29 + console root-sys
	 SU 02/25 09:32 + pts/3 user1-root
	 SU 03/02 08:03 + pts/5 user1-root
	 SU 03/03 08:19 + pts/5 user1-root
	 SU 03/09 14:24 - pts/5 guest3-root
	 SU 03/09 14:24 - pts/5 guest3-root
	 SU 03/14 08:31 + pts/4 user1-root

       /var/adm/sulog	  su log file

       /etc/default/su	  contains the default location of  sulog


SunOS 5.11				    6 Jun 1994					 sulog(4)

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