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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for space (opensolaris section 4)

space(4)				   File Formats 				 space(4)

       space - disk space requirement file

       space is an ASCII file that gives information about disk space requirements for the target
       environment. The space file defines space needed beyond what is used by objects defined in
       the  prototype(4)  file;  for example, files which will be installed with the installf(1M)
       command. The space file should define the maximum amount of additional space that a  pack-
       age will require.

       The generic format of a line in this file is:

       pathname  blocks  inodes

       Definitions for the fields are as follows:

       pathname    Specify  a  directory  name	which  may  or	may not be the mount  point for a
		   filesystem. Names that do not begin with a slash  ('/')  indicate  relocatable

       blocks	   Define  the	number	of disk blocks required for installation of the files and
		   directory entries contained in the pathname (using a 512-byte block size).

       inodes	   Define the number of inodes required for installation of the files and  direc-
		   tory entries contained in the pathname.

       Example 1 A sample file.

	 # extra space required by config data which is
	 # dynamically loaded onto the system
	 data 500  1

       installf(1M), prototype(4)

       Application Packaging Developer's Guide

SunOS 5.11				    7 Feb 1997					 space(4)

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