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sharetab(4)				   File Formats 			      sharetab(4)

       sharetab - shared file system table

       sharetab  resides  in directory /etc/dfs and contains a table of local resources shared by
       the share command.

       Each line of the file consists of the following fields:

       pathname resource fstype specific_options description


       pathname 	   Indicate the path name of the shared resource.

       resource 	   Indicate the symbolic name by which remote  systems	can   access  the

       fstype		   Indicate the file system type of the shared resource.

       specific_options    Indicate  file-system-type-specific	options  that  were  given to the
			   share command when the resource was shared.

       description	   Describe the shared resource provided by the system administrator when
			   the resource was shared.


SunOS 5.11				    3 Jul 1990				      sharetab(4)
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