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nologin(4)				   File Formats 			       nologin(4)

       nologin - message displayed to users attempting to log on in the process of a system shut-


       The  /etc/nologin file contains the message displayed to users attempting to log on  to	a
       machine	in  the process of being shutdown.  After displaying the contents of the  nologin
       file,  the  login procedure   terminates,  preventing  the  user  from  logging	onto  the

       This  procedure	is preferable to  terminating a user's session by  shutdown shortly after
       the user has logged on.

       Logins by  super-user are not affected by this procedure.

       The message contained in the  nologin file is editable by super-user. A	typical   nologin
       file contains a message similar to:

       NO LOGINS: System going down in 10 minutes.

       login(1), rlogin(1), telnet(1), shutdown(1M)

SunOS 5.11				   21 Dec 1995				       nologin(4)
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