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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for fd (opensolaris section 4)

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fd(4)					   File Formats 				    fd(4)

       fd - file descriptor files

       These  files,  conventionally called  /dev/fd/0, /dev/fd/1, /dev/fd/2, and so on, refer to
       files accessible through file descriptors. If file descriptor  n is open, these two system
       calls have the same effect:

	 fd = open("/dev/fd/n",mode);
	 fd = dup(n);

       On  these files	creat(2) is equivalent to open, and mode is ignored. As with  dup, subse-
       quent reads or writes on  fd fail unless the original file descriptor  allows  the  opera-

       For  convenience  in  referring to standard input, standard output, and standard error, an
       additional set of names is provided:  /dev/stdin is a synonym for  /dev/fd/0,  /dev/stdout
       for /dev/fd/1, and /dev/stderr for  /dev/fd/2.

       creat(2), dup(2), open(2)

       open(2) returns -1 and  EBADF if the associated file descriptor is not open.

SunOS 5.11				    3 Jul 1990					    fd(4)
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