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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for default_fs (opensolaris section 4)

default_fs(4)				   File Formats 			    default_fs(4)

       default_fs, fs - specify the default file system type for local or remote file systems

       When  file  system  administration commands have both specific and generic components (for
       example, fsck(1M)), the file system type must be specified. If it is not explicitly speci-
       fied  using the -F FSType command line option, the generic command looks in /etc/vfstab in
       order to determine the file system type, using the supplied raw or block device	or  mount
       point.	If  the file system type can not be determined by searching /etc/vfstab, the com-
       mand will use the  default  file  system  type  specified  in  either  /etc/default/fs  or
       /etc/dfs/dfstypes, depending on whether the file system is local or remote.

       The  default  local file system type is specified in /etc/default/fs by a line of the form
       LOCAL=fstype (for example, LOCAL=ufs). The default remote file system type  is  determined
       by the first entry in the /etc/dfs/fstypes file.

       File  system  administration  commands  will determine whether the file system is local or
       remote by examining the specified device name.  If the  device	name  starts  with  ``/''
       (slash), it is considered to be local; otherwise it is remote.

       The default file system types can be changed by editing the default files with a text edi-

       /etc/vfstab	   list of default parameters for each file system

       /etc/default/fs	   the default local file system type

       /etc/dfs/fstypes    the default remote file system type

       fsck(1M), fstypes(4), vfstab(4)

SunOS 5.11				   20 Mar 1992				    default_fs(4)

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