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tcl_sleep(3tcl) [opensolaris man page]

Tcl_Sleep(3TCL) 					      Tcl Library Procedures						   Tcl_Sleep(3TCL)


Tcl_Sleep - delay execution for a given number of milliseconds SYNOPSIS
#include <tcl.h> Tcl_Sleep(ms) ARGUMENTS
int ms (in) Number of milliseconds to sleep. _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This procedure delays the calling process by the number of milliseconds given by the ms parameter and returns after that time has elapsed. It is typically used for things like flashing a button, where the delay is short and the application needn't do anything while it waits. For longer delays where the application needs to respond to other events during the delay, the procedure Tcl_CreateTimerHandler should be used instead of Tcl_Sleep. KEYWORDS
sleep, time, wait ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +--------------------+-----------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +--------------------+-----------------+ |Availability | SUNWTcl | +--------------------+-----------------+ |Interface Stability | Uncommitted | +--------------------+-----------------+ NOTES
Source for Tcl is available on Tcl 7.5 Tcl_Sleep(3TCL)

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Tcl_PutEnv(3TCL)					      Tcl Library Procedures						  Tcl_PutEnv(3TCL)


Tcl_PutEnv - procedures to manipulate the environment SYNOPSIS
#include <tcl.h> int Tcl_PutEnv(string) ARGUMENTS
CONST char *string (in) Info about environment variable in the form NAME=value. The string argument is in the system encoding. _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
Tcl_PutEnv sets an environment variable. The information is passed in a single string of the form NAME=value. This procedure is intended to be a stand-in for the UNIX putenv system call. All tcl-based applications using putenv should redefine it to Tcl_PutEnv so that they will interface properly to the Tcl runtime. KEYWORDS
environment, variable ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +--------------------+-----------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +--------------------+-----------------+ |Availability | SUNWTcl | +--------------------+-----------------+ |Interface Stability | Uncommitted | +--------------------+-----------------+ NOTES
Source for Tcl is available on Tcl 7.5 Tcl_PutEnv(3TCL)
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