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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for libgconf-2 (opensolaris section 3)

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libgconf-2(3)			       C Library Functions			    libgconf-2(3)

       libgconf-2 - GNOME Configuration API

       The libgconf-2 library is used by applications to store or retrieve configuration data.

       To access the API documentation, you must install the developer version of the package.

       The following files are used by this application:

       /usr/lib/libgconf-2.so	       GNOME Configuration API shared library

       /etc/gconf/version_number/path  File containing the locations of the various GConf config-
				       uration files

       $HOME/.gconf		       Directory containing configuration database for GCconf

       /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults   Directory containing the default system configuration set-

       /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory  Directory  containing  the  mandatory system configuration

       /etc/gconf/schemas	       Directory containing the system GConf schema files

       /usr/share/gtk-doc/html/gconf   Location of developer documentation

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE	     |	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   |
       |Availability		     |SUNWgnome-config		   |
       |Interface stability	     |Volatile			   |

       gconf-editor(1), gconftool-2(1), attributes(5), gnome-interfaces(5)

       Written by Ghee Teo and Brian Cameron, Sun Microsystems Inc., 2003, 2004, 2006.

SunOS 5.11				   31 Aug 2004				    libgconf-2(3)
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