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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for sdl_setgammaramp (opensolaris section 3)

SDL_SetGammaRamp(3)						 SDL API Reference					       SDL_SetGammaRamp(3)

SDL_SetGammaRamp - Sets the color gamma lookup tables for the display
#include "SDL.h" int SDL_SetGammaRamp(Uint16 *redtable, Uint16 *greentable, Uint16 *bluetable);
Sets the gamma lookup tables for the display for each color component. Each table is an array of 256 Uint16 values, representing a mapping between the input and output for that channel. The input is the index into the array, and the output is the 16-bit gamma value at that index, scaled to the output color precision. You may pass NULL to any of the channels to leave them unchanged. This function adjusts the gamma based on lookup tables, you can also have the gamma calculated based on a "gamma function" parameter with SDL_SetGamma. Not all display hardware is able to change gamma.
Returns -1 on error (or if gamma adjustment is not supported).
SDL_SetGamma SDL_GetGammaRamp
Tue 11 Sep 2001, 23:01 SDL_SetGammaRamp(3)

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