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(opensolaris section 3)
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SDL_GetModState(3)						 SDL API Reference						SDL_GetModState(3)

SDL_GetModState - Get the state of modifier keys. SYNOPSIS
#include "SDL.h" SDLMod SDL_GetModState(void); DESCRIPTION
Returns the current state of the modifier keys (CTRL, ALT, etc.). RETURN VALUE
The return value can be an OR'd combination of the SDLMod enum. SDLMod typedef enum { KMOD_NONE = 0x0000, KMOD_LSHIFT= 0x0001, KMOD_RSHIFT= 0x0002, KMOD_LCTRL = 0x0040, KMOD_RCTRL = 0x0080, KMOD_LALT = 0x0100, KMOD_RALT = 0x0200, KMOD_LMETA = 0x0400, KMOD_RMETA = 0x0800, KMOD_NUM = 0x1000, KMOD_CAPS = 0x2000, KMOD_MODE = 0x4000, } SDLMod; SDL also defines the following symbols for convenience: #define KMOD_CTRL (KMOD_LCTRL|KMOD_RCTRL) #define KMOD_SHIFT (KMOD_LSHIFT|KMOD_RSHIFT) #define KMOD_ALT (KMOD_LALT|KMOD_RALT) #define KMOD_META (KMOD_LMETA|KMOD_RMETA) SEE ALSO
SDL_GetKeyState SDL
Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:59 SDL_GetModState(3)

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