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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for sdl_cd (opensolaris section 3)

SDL_CD(3)							 SDL API Reference							 SDL_CD(3)

SDL_CD - CDROM Drive Information
typedef struct{ int id; CDstatus status; int numtracks; int cur_track; int cur_frame; SDL_CDtrack track[SDL_MAX_TRACKS+1]; } SDL_CD;
id Private drive identifier status Drive status numtracks Number of tracks on the CD cur_track Current track cur_frame Current frame offset within the track track[SDL_MAX_TRACKS+1] Array of track descriptions. (see SDL_CDtrack)
An SDL_CD structure is returned by SDL_CDOpen. It represents an opened CDROM device and stores information on the layout of the tracks on the disc. A frame is the base data unit of a CD. CD_FPS frames is equal to 1 second of music. SDL provides two macros for converting between time and frames: FRAMES_TO_MSF(f, M,S,F) and MSF_TO_FRAMES.
int min, sec, frame; int frame_offset; FRAMES_TO_MSF(cdrom->cur_frame, &min, &sec, &frame); printf("Current Position: %d minutes, %d seconds, %d frames ", min, sec, frame); frame_offset=MSF_TO_FRAMES(min, sec, frame);
SDL_CDOpen, SDL_CDtrack
Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:58 SDL_CD(3)

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