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sdlkey(3) [opensolaris man page]

SDLKey(3)							 SDL API Reference							 SDLKey(3)

SDLKey - SDL Keysym Definitions SDL Keysym definitions SDLKey ASCII value Common Name SDLK_BACKSPACE '' backspace SDLK_TAB ' ' tab SDLK_CLEAR clear SDLK_RETURN ' ' return SDLK_PAUSE pause SDLK_ESCAPE '^[' escape SDLK_SPACE ' ' space SDLK_EXCLAIM '!' exclaim SDLK_QUOTEDBL '"' quotedbl SDLK_HASH '#' hash SDLK_DOLLAR '$' dollar SDLK_AMPERSAND '&' ampersand SDLK_QUOTE ''' quote SDLK_LEFTPAREN '(' left parenthesis SDLK_RIGHTPAREN ')' right parenthesis SDLK_ASTERISK '*' asterisk SDLK_PLUS '+' plus sign SDLK_COMMA ',' comma SDLK_MINUS '-' minus sign SDLK_PERIOD '.' period SDLK_SLASH '/' forward slash SDLK_0 '0' 0 SDLK_1 '1' 1 SDLK_2 '2' 2 SDLK_3 '3' 3 SDLK_4 '4' 4 SDLK_5 '5' 5 SDLK_6 '6' 6 SDLK_7 '7' 7 SDLK_8 '8' 8 SDLK_9 '9' 9 SDLK_COLON ':' colon SDLK_SEMICOLON ';' semicolon SDLK_LESS '<' less-than sign SDLK_EQUALS '=' equals sign SDLK_GREATER '>' greater-than sign SDLK_QUESTION '?' question mark SDLK_AT '@' at SDLK_LEFTBRACKET '[' left bracket SDLK_BACKSLASH '' backslash SDLK_RIGHTBRACKET ']' right bracket SDLK_CARET '^' caret SDLK_UNDERSCORE '_' underscore SDLK_BACKQUOTE '`' grave SDLK_a 'a' a SDLK_b 'b' b SDLK_c 'c' c SDLK_d 'd' d SDLK_e 'e' e SDLK_f 'f' f SDLK_g 'g' g SDLK_h 'h' h SDLK_i 'i' i SDLK_j 'j' j SDLK_k 'k' k SDLK_l 'l' l SDLK_m 'm' m SDLK_n 'n' n SDLK_o 'o' o SDLK_p 'p' p SDLK_q 'q' q SDLK_r 'r' r SDLK_s 's' s SDLK_t 't' t SDLK_u 'u' u SDLK_v 'v' v SDLK_w 'w' w SDLK_x 'x' x SDLK_y 'y' y SDLK_z 'z' z SDLK_DELETE '^?' delete SDLK_KP0 keypad 0 SDLK_KP1 keypad 1 SDLK_KP2 keypad 2 SDLK_KP3 keypad 3 SDLK_KP4 keypad 4 SDLK_KP5 keypad 5 SDLK_KP6 keypad 6 SDLK_KP7 keypad 7 SDLK_KP8 keypad 8 SDLK_KP9 keypad 9 SDLK_KP_PERIOD '.' keypad period SDLK_KP_DIVIDE '/' keypad divide SDLK_KP_MULTIPLY '*' keypad multiply SDLK_KP_MINUS '-' keypad minus SDLK_KP_PLUS '+' keypad plus SDLK_KP_ENTER ' ' keypad enter SDLK_KP_EQUALS '=' keypad equals SDLK_UP up arrow SDLK_DOWN down arrow SDLK_RIGHT right arrow SDLK_LEFT left arrow SDLK_INSERT insert SDLK_HOME home SDLK_END end SDLK_PAGEUP page up SDLK_PAGEDOWN page down SDLK_F1 F1 SDLK_F2 F2 SDLK_F3 F3 SDLK_F4 F4 SDLK_F5 F5 SDLK_F6 F6 SDLK_F7 F7 SDLK_F8 F8 SDLK_F9 F9 SDLK_F10 F10 SDLK_F11 F11 SDLK_F12 F12 SDLK_F13 F13 SDLK_F14 F14 SDLK_F15 F15 SDLK_NUMLOCK numlock SDLK_CAPSLOCK capslock SDLK_SCROLLOCK scrollock SDLK_RSHIFT right shift SDLK_LSHIFT left shift SDLK_RCTRL right ctrl SDLK_LCTRL left ctrl SDLK_RALT right alt SDLK_LALT left alt SDLK_RMETA right meta SDLK_LMETA left meta SDLK_LSUPER left windows key SDLK_RSUPER right windows key SDLK_MODE mode shift SDLK_HELP help SDLK_PRINT print-screen SDLK_SYSREQ SysRq SDLK_BREAK break SDLK_MENU menu SDLK_POWER power SDLK_EURO euro SDL modifier definitions SDL Modifier Meaning KMOD_NONE No modifiers applicable KMOD_NUM Numlock is down KMOD_CAPS Capslock is down KMOD_LCTRL Left Control is down KMOD_RCTRL Right Control is down KMOD_RSHIFT Right Shift is down KMOD_LSHIFT Left Shift is down KMOD_RALT Right Alt is down KMOD_LALT Left Alt is down KMOD_CTRL A Control key is down KMOD_SHIFT A Shift key is down KMOD_ALT An Alt key is down SDL
Wed 11 Oct 2000, 22:28 SDLKey(3)

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