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sunwkfb_config(1m) [opensolaris man page]

SUNWkfb_config(1M)                                                                                                              SUNWkfb_config(1M)

SUNWkfb_config - fbconfig module for configuring the Sun XVR-2500 Graphics Device SYNOPSIS
/usr/lib/fbconfig/SUNWkfb_config [-dev device-filename] [ -res video-mode] [-file machine | system] [-deflinear true | false] [-defoverlay true | false] [-linearorder first | last] [-slave disable | multiview] [-accum enable | disable] [-g gamma-correction-value] [-gfile gamma- correction-file] [-doublewide enable | disable] [-doublehigh enable | disable] [-outputs swapped | direct] [-multisample available | dis- able | forceon] [-samples 1 | 2 | 4 | 8 | 16] [ -offset xval yval] [-propt] [-prconf] [-defaults] /usr/lib/fbconfig/SUNWkfb_config [-propt] [-prconf] /usr/lib/fbconfig/SUNWkfb_config [-help] [ -res ?] SUNWkfb_config configures the Sun XVR-2500 Graphics Accelerator and some of the X11 window system defaults for the Sun XVR-2500. The first form of SUNWkfb_config shown in the SYNOPSIS section stores the specified options in the OWconfig file. These options initialize the Sun XVR-2500 device the next time the window system is run on that device. Updating options in the OWconfig file provides persistence of these options across window system sessions and system reboots. The second and third forms which invoke only the -prconf, -propt, -help, and -res ? options, do not update the OWconfig file. Additionally, for the third form all other options are ignored. You can specify options for only one device at a time. If you want to specify options for multiple devices, you must invoke the SUN- Wkfb_config utility multiple times. You can use the SUNWkfb_config utility to specify Sun XVR-2500-specific options. Use the normal window system options to specify default depth, default visual class and so forth. Specify these as device modifiers on the command line. See Xsun(1). You can also specify which OWconfig file to update. By default, SUNWkfb_config updates the machine-specific file in the /etc/openwin. You can specify an alternate file by using the -file option. For example, the system-global OWconfig file in the /usr/openwin directory tree can be updated instead. Both of these standard OWconfig files can only be written by root. Consequently, the SUNWkfb_config program, which is owned by the root user, always runs with setuid root permission. The following options are supported: -accum enable | disable Enable or disable frame buffer memory. If enabled, frame buffer memory is allocated for the accelerated accumulation buffer for win- dows. If disabled, software accumulation buffering for windows is used. Accelerated accumulation buffers for pBuffers are always available as memory allows. -dev device-filename Specify the SunXVR-2500 special file. The default is /dev/fbs/kfb0. -defaults Reset all option values except -dev to their default values. This option sets the resolution override to none which implies the last video mode setting is preserved. If no monitor is attached, the video mode is set to 1152x900x66. -deflinear true | false The Sun XVR-2500 possesses two types of visuals: linear and nonlinear. Linear visuals are gamma corrected and nonlinear visuals are not. There are two visuals that have both linear and nonlinear versions: 24-bit TrueColor and 8-bit StaticGray. If the value of this option is true, the default visual is set to the linear visual that satisfies other specified default visual selection options (specifically, the Xsun defdepth and defclass options; see Xsun(1)). If false, or if there is no linear visual that satisfies the other default visual selection options, the non-linear visual specified by these other options is chosen as the default visual. This option cannot be used when the -defoverlay option is present, because the Sun XVR-2500 does not possess a linear overlay visual. -defoverlay true | false The Sun XVR-2500 provides an 8-bit PseudoColor visual whose pixels are disjoint from the rest of the visuals. This is called the over- lay visual. Windows created in this visual will not damage windows created in other visuals. The converse, however, is not true. Win- dows created in other visuals will damage overlay windows. If the value of this option is true, the overlay visual is the default visual. If false, the nonoverlay visual that satisfies the other default visual selection options, such as defdepth and defclass, is chosen as the default visual. See Xsun(1). Whenever -defoverlay true is used, the default depth and class chosen on the openwin command line must be 8-bit PseudoColor. If not, a warning message is printed and the -defoverlay option is treated as false. -doublehigh enable | disable Configure the two outputs of the Sun XVR-2500 into one vertical virtual display. The default is disable. -doublewide enable | disable Configure the two outputs of the Sun XVR-2500 into one horizontal virtual display. The default is disable. -file machine|system Specifies which OWconfig file to update. If machine is specified, the machine-specific OWconfig file in the /etc/openwin directory tree is updated. If system is specified, the global OWconfig file in the /usr/openwin directory tree is updated. If the specified file does not exist, it is created. This option has no effect unless other options are specified. The default is machine. -g gamma-correction value Change the gamma correction value. All linear visuals provide gamma correction. By default, the gamma correction value is 2.22. Any value less than zero is illegal. This option can be used while the window system is running. Changing the gamma correction value affects all of the windows displayed by linear visuals. -gfile gamma-correction file Load the gamma correction table from the file specified by gamma-correction file. You should format this file to provide the gamma cor- rection values for R, G, and B channels on each line. Specify each value in hexadecimal format and separate it from another value by at least 1 space. The gamma-correction file file should provide 1024 such triplets. You can load the gamma correction table with this option can while the window system is running. The new gamma correction affects all the window being displayed using the linear visuals. When gamma correction is done using a user specified table, the gamma correction value is undefined. By default, the window system assumes a gamma correction value of 2.22 and loads the gamma table it creates corre- sponding to this value. The following is an example of a gamma-correction file file: 0x000 0x000 0x000 0x001 0x001 0x001 0x002 0x002 0x002 ... ... 0x3ff 0x3ff 0x3ff -help Print a list of the SUNWkfb_config command line options, along with a brief explanation of each. -linear first | last If the value of this option is true, linear visuals will come before their non-linear counterparts on the X11 screen visual list for the specified Sun XVR-2500 screen. If false, the nonlinear visuals will come before the linear ones. -multisample available | disable |forceon If set to disable, no multisample is possible. If set to available, multisample is possible but is selected on a per-window basis using a library interface. If set to forceon, all Sun OpenGL windows are rendered using multisampling. Query the number of samples used with -propt or the xglinfo(1) utility. The xglinfo utility can return the number of multisamples if -multisample is set to available. The default is disable. -offset xval yval Adjust the position of the specified stream by the value specified. This option is only implemented in -doublewide and -doublehigh modes. For -doublewide, use the xval to position the rightmost stream. Negative is left (overlaps with the left stream). For -double- high, use the yval to position the bottom stream. Negative is up (overlaps with top stream). The default is [0, 0]. -outputs swapped | direct If either -doublewide or -doublehigh are enabled, reverse the position of the two outputs relative to each other. The default is direct. This option is not applicable to the Sun XVR-2500 device. -propt Print the current values of all Sun XVR-2500 options in the OWconfig file specified by the -file option for the device specified by the -dev option. Print the values of options as they will be in the OWconfig file after the call to SUNWkfb_config completes. This is a typical display: --- OpenWindows Configuration for /dev/fbs/kfb2 --- OWconfig: machine Video Mode: SUNW_STD_1280x1024x76 Multisample Information: Multisample Mode: Disabled (multisample visuals will not be available) Samples Per Pixel: N/A (multisampling disabled) Screen Information: DoubleWide: Disabled DoubleHigh: Disabled Offset/Overlap: [0, 0] Visual Information: Default Visual: Non-Linear Normal Visual Gamma Correction Value: using gamma value 2.22 -res video-mode Specify the video mode of the monitor connected to the specified Sun XVR-2500 device. The -res option requires you to specify the video-mode. You can specify video-mode in the format of widthxheightxrate or as a symbolic name. widthxheightxrate Specify video-mode in the format of widthxheightxrate, where width is the screen width in pixels, height is the screen height in pixels, and rate is the vertical frequency of the screen refresh. You can use the s suffix to specify stereo video modes. The s suffix of 960x680x112s and 960x680x108s means that these are stereo video modes. The -res option also accepts formats with @ (at sign) in front of the refresh rate instead of x, (1280x1024@76). Some video-modes, supported by the Sun XVR-2500 might not be supported by the monitor. The list of video-modes supported by the Sun XVR-2500 device and the monitor can be obtained by running SUNWkfb_config with the -res ? option. See SYNOPSIS. Symbolic Names Some video modes have symbolic names defined for them. Instead of using the widthxheightxrate format, you can specify one of the symbolic names as the argument to the -res option. The meaning of the symbolic name none is that when the window system is run, the screen resolution will be the video mode that is currently programmed in the device. The following symbolic names and their corresponding video modes are supported: svga 1024x768x60 1152 1152x900x76 1280 1280x1024x76 stereo 960x680x112s ntsc 640x480x60i pal 768x575x50i none Programmed video mode -samples 1 | 2 | 4 | 8 | 16 Request the number of samples to compute per display pixel. The requested number of samples per pixel will be used if -multisample is not disabled and resources exist for the request. Query the number of samples used with -propt or the xglinfo(1) utility. The xglinfo utility can return the number of multisamples after you specify the option -multisample enable. The default is 4. -slave disable | multiview If you set the multiview argument for the -slave option, the device synchronizes video with a master through the multiview ribbon cable. Both devices should be running the same resolution and the option should be issued when the window system is running. The default is disable. DEFAULTS
For a given invocation of SUNWkfb_config command line if an Sun XVR-2500 option does not appear on the command line, the corresponding OWconfig option is not updated; it retains its previous value. When the window system is run, if an option has never been specified by way of SUNWkfb_config, a default value is used. The options and their corresponding defaults are as follows: Option Default -dev /dev/fbs/kfb0 -file machine -res none -deflinear false -defoverlay false -linearorder last -slave disable -accum enable -g 2.22 -samples 16 -multisample disable -doublewide disable -doublehigh disable -outputs direct -offset [0,0] The default for the -res option of none means that when the window system is run, the screen resolution will be the video mode that is cur- rently programmed in the device. Example 1: Switching the Resolution of the Monitor Type The following example switches the monitor type to 1280 ~ 1024 at 76 Hz resolution: example% fbconfig -dev kfb0 -res 1280x1024x76 /dev/fbs/kfbn Device special file for the XVR-2500 high performance single screen /usr/sbin/kfbdaemon kfb microcode loader file See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWkfbcf | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Evolving | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ fbconfig(1M)mmap(2), attributes(5), fbio(7I), kfb(7D) 26 Aug 2005 SUNWkfb_config(1M)

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