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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for scconf_quorum_dev_netapp_nas (opensolaris section 1m)

scconf_quorum_dev_netapp_nas(1M)			  System Administration Commands			  scconf_quorum_dev_netapp_nas(1M)

scconf_quorum_dev_netapp_nas - add and remove shared Network Appliance network-attached storage (NAS) quorum devices and change various NAS cluster quorum configuration properties or states.
scconf {-a|-c|-r} -q name=devicename otheroptions
Note - Beginning with the Sun Cluster 3.2 release, Sun Cluster software includes an object-oriented command set. Although Sun Cluster software still supports the original command set, Sun Cluster procedural documentation uses only the object-oriented command set. For more infor- mation about the object-oriented command set, see the Intro(1CL) man page. A Network Appliance NAS device can be configured as a quorum device for Sun Cluster. The NAS configuration information consists of: o a device name, which must be unique across quorum devices o a filer name, which defaults to the device name if not specified o a LUN ID, which defaults to 0 if not specified To provide support for NAS devices as quorum devices, the administrator must install the quorum device support module provided by Network Appliance. If this module is not available, scconfprevents the addition of the quorum device. See Sun Cluster With Network-Attached Storage Devices Manual for Solaris OS for instructions about obtaining the support module. Additionally, the iSCSI license must be valid for the Network Appliance device.
The following options can be used for NAS quorum devices. See scconf(1M) for the list of supported generic options. See scconf_quo- rum_dev_netapp_nas(1M) for options that are specific to shared disk quorum devices. The add and remove forms of the command are used to add and remove NAS quorum devices to or from the configuration. The change form of the command is used for changing various properties of cluster quorum configuration. Before you add a quorum device, you must set up and configure the device and the logical unit number (LUN) on the device to be configured as a quorum device. For detailed procedures, see your Network Appliance documentation. For Sun Cluster requirements of device setup, see Sun Cluster With Network-Attached Storage Devices Manual for Solaris OS. After the quorum device is added, you cannot change the type. Add a NAS quorum device: -q -a name=devicename,type=netapp_nas[,filer=filer-name][,lun_id=0] Change a NAS quorum device's configuration: -q -c name=devicename,{maintstate | reset} Remove a NAS quorum device: -q -r name=devicename The -q option supports the following Network Appliance NAS-specific suboptions: filer=filer-name Specifies the name of the device on the network that you can use to access the NAS device when you are using rsh or telnet. lun_id=0 Specifies the LUN ID on the NAS device that will be a NAS quorum device. The LUN ID defaults to 0. When scconf is interrupted or fails while performing quorum-related operations, quorum configuration information can become inconsistent in the cluster configuration database. If an inconsistency occurs, either run the same scconf command again or run it with the reset option to reset the quorum information.
Example 1 Adding Network Appliance NAS Quorum Devices The following scconf command adds the Network Appliance NAS quorum device qd1. -a -q name=qd1,type=netapp_nas,,lun_id=0 Example 2 Removing Network Appliance NAS Quorum Devices The following scconf command removes the Network Appliance NAS quorum device qd1. -r -q name=qd1
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWsczu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Evolving | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+
Intro(1CL), clquorum(1CL), cluster(1CL), scconf(1M), scconf-quorum-dev-scsi(1M) Sun Cluster 3.2 10 Apr 2006 scconf_quorum_dev_netapp_nas(1M)

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