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nwam-manager(1m)					       Maintenance Commands						  nwam-manager(1m)

nwam-manager - GNOME UI for Network Auto-Magic (NWAM) SYNOPSIS
nwam-manager [gnome-std-options] DESCRIPTION
nwam-manager provides a mechanism for users to monitor and interact with the Network Auto-Magic daemon nwamd(1m), nwam-manager is launched automatically in a user's desktop session. It is visibly represented on the user's desktop in the Notification Area. The nwam-manager icon provides a visual representation of the current status of the NWAM daemon. Hovering the mouse pointer over the icon produces a tool tip with more information. In case the network state changes (for example, if the user unplugs the network cable), then a notification balloon displays to inform the user of the change. In general, notifications time out after a short period. However, some notifications might remain until the user responds either by clicking on the balloon or closing it. For example, a notification balloon remains displayed until the user provides a wireless security key in order to connect to the selected wireless network. When the user right-clicks on the nwam-manager icon, a menu is displayed with the following parts: List of Network Interfaces The first entry is always the Automatic entry, which represents the automatic mode of operation for interface selection by the NWAM daemon. This is the normal mode of operation. The currently active interface is referenced in the menu items' text. The subsequent entries in the menu, up to the separator, allow the user to force the NWAM daemon to use the specific interface referred to in the text of the menu item. To return to Automatic mode, the user selects the Automatic first item. Edit the NWAM Interface Priorities This option shows a dialog that allows users to edit the order of priority that NWAM places on a netowrk interface. The default configuration assigns a higher priority to "Wired" interfaces than "Wireless" interfaces. If the system has a wireless network interface, then the following menu items are also available. List of Wireless Networks Within Range. In an area with visible wireless networks, a list of these wireless networks is displayed for selection. In the case of a higher priority interface being active, selection of wireless networks may result in no change to the network configuration. Join an Unlisted Wireless Network Some wireless networks are hidden unless the name of the network is known. As a result, a hidden wireless network is not listed in as selectable in the menu. To connect to this type of network, the user must type the name (ESSID) of the wireless network in the dialog displayed when this item is selected. Edit the List of Known Wireless Networks This item shows a dialog that enables the user to edit the list of wireless networks known to the NWAM daemon. This list of previously successfully used networks is maintained to allow NWAM to be able to know which networks can be automati- cally connect to if found. The list also includes hidden wireless networks that the user previously connected to. In this way, the user doesn't have to always enter the name of the hidden network every time that network is used. If NWAM is not used to configure the network, the icon does not appear in the Notification Area. When the user starts Network Auto-Magic, then the icon appears to provide status. nwam-manager is run automatically in a user's desktop session where that desktop environment conforms with the XDG Autostart specification. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: gnome-std-options Standard options available for use with most GNOME applications. See gnome-std-options( 5) for more information. EXTENDED DESCRIPTION
The following files are used by this application: /usr/lib/nwam-manager Executable for NWAM Manager daemon ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability | | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface stability |Uncommitted | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
Latest version of the GNOME Desktop User Guide for your platform. gnome-std-options(5) NOTES
Written by Darren Kenny, Sun Microsystems Inc., 2008. SunOS 5.11 1 Sep 2008 nwam-manager(1m)

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