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whois(1)							   User Commands							  whois(1)

whois - Internet user name directory service SYNOPSIS
whois [-h host] identifier DESCRIPTION
whois searches for an Internet directory entry for an identifier which is either a name (such as ``Smith'') or a handle (such as ``SRI- NIC''). To force a name-only search, precede the name with a period; to force a handle-only search, precede the handle with an exclamation point. To search for a group or organization entry, precede the argument with * (an asterisk). The entire membership list of the group will be displayed with the record. You may of course use an exclamation point and asterisk, or a period and asterisk together. EXAMPLES
Example 1 Using The whois Command The command: example% whois Smith looks for the name or handle SMITH. The command: example% whois !SRI-NIC looks for the handle SRI-NIC only. The command: example% whois .Smith, John looks for the name JOHN SMITH only. Adding ... to the name or handle argument will match anything from that point; that is, ZU ... will match ZUL, ZUM, and so on. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWrcmdc | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
attributes(5) SunOS 5.11 6 Nov 2000 whois(1)

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