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totem-video-thumbnailer(1)		  User Commands 	       totem-video-thumbnailer(1)

       totem-video-thumbnailer - an interactive accessibility explorer.

       totem-video-thumbnailer	[--jpeg]  [--no-limit] [--size=size] [--time=seconds] [--verbose]
       input output URI [gst-std-options] [gnome-std-options]

       totem-video-thumbnailer is used internally by GNOME applications such  as  nautilus(1)  to
       generate PNG thumbnails of video files.

       The following options are supported:

       -j, --jpeg	       Output the thumbnail as a JPEG instead of PNG.

       -l, --no-limit	       Do not limit the thumbnailing time to 30 seconds.

       -s, --size=size	       size of the thumbnail in pixels

       -t, --time=seconds      Do not limit the thumbnailing time to 30 seconds.

       -v, --verbose	       Output debug information.

       gnome-std-options       Standard  options  available for use with most GNOME applications.
			       See gnome-std-options(5).

       The following operands are supported:

       input		       The input filename.  This can be in  any  format  that  totem  can

       output		       The  output  filename, in PNG format by default, or in JPEG format
			       if the --jpeg is used.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE	     |	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   |
       |Availability		     |SUNWgnome-media-player	   |
       |Interface stability	     |Volatile			   |

       nautilus(1), totem(1), attributes(5), gnome-std-options(5)

       Comprehensive totem-video-thumbnailer documentation could be found under the Help menu  in

       Written	by Zack Cerza coe.neu.edu> for the Debian Project.  Updated by Brian Cameron, Sun
       Microsystems Inc., 2007.

SunOS 5.11				   08 Nov 2007		       totem-video-thumbnailer(1)
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