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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for sotruss (opensolaris section 1)

sotruss(1)				  User Commands 			       sotruss(1)

       sotruss - trace shared library procedure calls

       /usr/bin/sotruss [-f] [-F bindfromlist] [-T bindtolist]
	    [-o outputfile] executable [executable arguments...]

       sotruss	executes  the specified command and produces a trace of the library calls that it
       performs. Each line of the trace  output  reports  what	bindings  are  occurring  between
       dynamic	objects  as  each procedure call is executed. sotruss traces all of the procedure
       calls that occur between dynamic objects via the Procedure Linkage Table,  so  only  those
       procedure calls which are bound via the Procedure Linkage Table will be traced. See Linker
       and Libraries Guide

       -F bindfromlist	  A colon-separated list of libraries that are to be traced.  Only  calls
			  from	these  libraries  will	be traced.  The default is to trace calls
			  from the main executable only.

       -T bindtolist	  A colon-separated list of libraries that are to be traced.  Only  calls
			  to these libraries will be traced.  The default is to trace all calls.

       -o outputfile	  sotruss  output  will  be directed to the outputfile. If this option is
			  combined with the  -f option then the  pid  of  the  executing  program
			  will be placed at the end of the filename. By default sotruss output is
			  placed on  stderr.

       -f		  Follow all children created by  fork() and print  truss output on  each
			  child process.  This option will also cause a  pid to be output on each
			  truss output line.

       Example 1 An example of sotruss.

       A simple example shows the tracing of a simple ls command:

	 % sotruss ls | more
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*atexit(0xef7d7d1c, 0x23c00, 0x0)
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*atexit(0x1392c, 0xef7d7d1c, 0xef621bb0)
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*setlocale(0x6, 0x1396c, 0xef621ba8)
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*textdomain(0x13970, 0x1396c, 0xef621ba8)
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*time(0x0, 0xef61f6fc, 0xef621ba8)
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*isatty(0x1, 0xef61f6fc, 0x0)
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*getopt(0x1, 0xeffff8fc, 0x13980)
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*malloc(0x100, 0x0, 0x0)
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*malloc(0x9000, 0x0, 0x0)
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*lstat64(0x23ee8, 0xeffff7a0, 0x0)
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*printf(0x13a64, 0x26208, 0x23ef0)
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*printf(0x13a64, 0x26448, 0x23ef0)
	 ls	  ->	 libc.so.1:*exit(0x0, 0x24220, 0x2421c)

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE	     |	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   |
       |Availability		     |SUNWtoo			   |

       ld.so.1(1), truss(1), whocalls(1), fork(2), attributes(5)

       Linker and Libraries Guide

SunOS 5.11				   12 May 1997				       sotruss(1)

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