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shownonascii(1) [opensolaris man page]

shownonascii(1) 					      General Commands Manual						   shownonascii(1)

shownonascii - View all or part of a mail message in a non-ASCII font SYNOPSIS
shownonascii charset-font-name [-e command-to-execute] file-name(s) DESCRIPTION
The shownonascii program allows data in non-ASCII character sets to be viewed under X11. By default, it will open up an xterm using the font named in the first argument, running the "more" command to view all of the files named on the command line. If the -e switch is used, the rest of the command line will be taken as the command to tell xterm to run instead of more. If the MM_CHARSET environment variable is set and matches the character set named in the first argument, a new xterm window will not be opened. If the MM_AUXCHARSETS environment variable is set the character set named in the first argument is a subset of that string, a new xterm window will not be opened. SEE ALSO
mailto-hebrew(1), mailto(1), metamail(1) BUGS
Copyright (c) 1991 Bell Communications Research, Inc. (Bellcore) Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this material for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies, and that the name of Bellcore not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to this material without the specific, prior written permission of an authorized representative of Bellcore. BELLCORE MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS ABOUT THE ACCURACY OR SUITABILITY OF THIS MATERIAL FOR ANY PURPOSE. IT IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES. AUTHOR
Nathaniel S. Borenstein, Bellcore Release 1 shownonascii(1)

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