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setreg(1) [opensolaris man page]

Mono(setreg)															      Mono(setreg)

setreg - Change settings for public key cryptography SYNOPSIS
setreg [options] [feature] [true|false] DESCRIPTION
Allow to configure some optional settings for public key cryptography parameters used in Mono. OPTIONS
-q Quiet mode. Limited display on console. -help , -h , -? , /? Display help about this tool. FEATURES
1 Trust the test root certificates (both Microsoft and Mono). Depending on the value this will add (TRUE) or remove (FALSE) the two self-signed certificates from the current user Trust store. AUTHOR
Written by Sebastien Pouliot COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2004 Novell. MAILING LISTS
Visit for details. WEB SITE
Visit for details SEE ALSO
chktrust(1),certmgr(1),makecert(1) Mono(setreg)

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