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dumpcs(1)				  User Commands 				dumpcs(1)

       dumpcs - show codeset table for the current locale

       dumpcs [-0123vw]

       dumpcs  shows  a  list  of  printable characters for the user's current locale, along with
       their hexadecimal code values. The display device is assumed to be capable  of  displaying
       characters  for	a given locale. With no option, dumpcs displays the entire list of print-
       able characters for the current locale.

       With one or more numeric options specified, it shows EUC codeset(s) for the current locale
       according  to  the  numbers  specified, and in order of codeset number. Each non-printable
       character is represented by an asterisk "*" and enough ASCII space  character(s)  to  fill
       that codeset's column width.

       -0     Show ASCII (or EUC primary) codeset.

       -1     Show EUC codeset 1, if used for the current locale.

       -2     Show EUC codeset 2, if used for the current locale.

       -3     Show EUC codeset 3, if used for the current locale.

       -v     "Verbose". Normally, ranges of non-printable characters are collapsed into a single
	      line. This option produces one line for each non-printable character.

       -w     Replace code values with corresponding wide character values (process codes).

       The environment variables LC_CTYPE and LANG control the character classification  through-
       out  dumpcs.  On  entry	to dumpcs, these environment variables are checked in that order.
       This implies that a new setting for LANG does not override the setting of  LC_CTYPE.  When
       none  of  the  values  is  valid, the character classification defaults to the POSIX.1 "C"

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |Availability		      SUNWcsu			   |

       localedef(1), attributes(5)

       dumpcs can only handle EUC locales.

SunOS 5.11				   20 Dec 1996					dumpcs(1)
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