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clear(1)				  User Commands 				 clear(1)

       clear - clear the terminal screen

       clear [term]

       The clear utility clears the terminal screen if this is possible. It looks in the environ-
       ment for the terminal type, if this is not already specified by the term operand, and then
       looks up the terminfo database to figure out how to clear the screen.

       term    Indicates  the type of terminal. Normally, this operand is unnecessary because the
	       default is taken from the environment variable TERM.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE	     |	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   |
       |Availability		     |SUNWcsu			   |

       tput(1), attributes(5)

SunOS 5.11				   12 Jul 2002					 clear(1)
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