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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for avahi-set-host-name (opensolaris section 1)

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avahi-set-host-name(1)							   avahi-set-host-name(1)

       avahi-set-host-name - Change mDNS host name

       avahi-set-host-name host-name

       Set  the  mDNS host name of a currently running Avahi daemon. The effect of this operation
       is not persistent across daemon restarts. This operation is usually privileged. The daemon
       is not the standard Avahi daemon but a proxy to a Bonjour daemon.

       -v | --verbose
	      Enable verbose mode.

       -h | --help
	      Show help.

       -V | --version
	      Show version information.

       This man page was written using xml2man(1) by Oliver Kurth.

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