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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for avahi-daemon-bridge-dsd (opensolaris section 1)

avahi-daemon-bridge-dsd(1)				      General Commands Manual					avahi-daemon-bridge-dsd(1)

avahi-daemon-bridge-dsd - The Avahi daemon bridge to dsd
avahi-daemon-bridge-dsd [options] avahi-daemon-bridge-dsd --kill avahi-daemon-bridge-dsd --check
The daemon implements a DBUS interface which provides a rich object oriented interface to DBUS enabled applications which browse for or register for services. Instead of implementing Apple's ZeroConf architecture (also known as "Rendezvous" or "Bonjour") it makes calls to the DNS Service Discovery API provided by Bonjour and so functions as a Bonjour client.
-D | --daemonize Daemonize after startup. Implies --syslog -s | --syslog Log to syslog instead of STDERR. Implied by --daemonize --debug Increase verbosity to debug level --no-drop-root Don't drop root priviliges after startup and don't require daemon to be started as root. We recommend not to use this option. --no-chroot Don't chroot(2) the daemon. This option is only available when compiled with chroot() support. --no-proctitle Don't change the process name while running. Unless this option is specified avahi will reflect it's current state and selected host name in the process title. -k | --kill Kill an already running avahi-daemon-bridge-dsd. (equivalent to sending a SIGTERM) -r | --reload Tell an already running avahi-daemon-bridge-dsd to reread the files from /etc/avahi/services/. (equivalent to sending a SIGHUP) -c | --check Return 0 as return code when avahi-daemon-bridge-dsd is already running. -h | --help Show help -v | --version Show version information
/etc/avahi/hosts: additional static hostname mappings to publish in mDNS, see avahi.hosts(5) for more information. /etc/avahi/services/*.service: static service definitions, see avahi.service(5) for more information.
SIGINT, SIGTERM, SIGQUIT: avahi-daemon will shutdown. This is issued by passing --kill to avahi-daemon. SIGHUP: avahi-daemon-bridge-dsd will reload and static service definitions from /etc/avahi/services/.
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