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OpenDarwin 7.2.1 - man page for segedit (opendarwin section 1)

SEGEDIT(1)			     General Commands Manual			       SEGEDIT(1)

       segedit - extract and replace sections from object files

       segedit	[  option  ]  name  ...   input_file  [-extract  segname  sectname  filename] ...
       [[-replace segname sectname filename] ...  -output output_file]

       Segedit extracts and or replaces the named sections from the  input_file  and  creates  an
       output_file (if replacing a section).  The segment and section names are the same as spec-
       ified to ld(1) with the -segcreate option.  The segment and section  names  of  an  object
       file  can be examined with the -l option to otool(1).  Only sections in segments that have
       no relocation to or for them can be replaced (marked with the SG_NORELOC segment flag) but
       all sections can be extracted.

       The options to segedit(1):

       -extract segname sectname filename
	      Extracts the section specified by the segment name section name pair and places the
	      contents in the specified filename.

       -replace segname sectname filename
	      Will replace the section specified by the segment name section name pair and places
	      and take the new contents for the section from the specified filename.  The -output
	      filename option must also be specified.  The resulting size of the section will  be
	      rounded to a multiple of 4 bytes and padded with zero bytes if necessary.

       -output output_file
	      Specifies the output file to create when replacing sections.

       ld(1), otool(1)

       Only  mach-O  format  files that are laid out in a contiguous address space and with their
       contents ordered in the order of increasing address can have their  segments  replaced  by
       this program.  This layout is what the link editor produces by default.

Apple Computer, Inc.			 October 23, 1997			       SEGEDIT(1)

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