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PUTTER(9)						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual						 PUTTER(9)

putter -- Pass-to-Userspace Transporter DESCRIPTION
The putter subsystem is used for request-response handling of userspace components. It currently provides routines for associating a file descriptor with a subsystem data structure instance and I/O routines. Users of the facility must fill out the callbacks in struct putter_ops to integrate with putter. SEE ALSO
pud(4), puffs(4) BUGS
Under construction. Interfaces may and will change. BSD
November 21, 2007 BSD

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RUMP_CD9660(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					    RUMP_CD9660(8)

rump_cd9660 -- mount a cd9660 image with a userspace server SYNOPSIS
file-system PUFFS pseudo-device putter rump_cd9660 [options] image mountpoint DESCRIPTION
NOTE! This manual page describes features specific to the rump(3) file server. Please see mount_cd9660(8) for a full description of the available command line options. The rump_cd9660 utility can be used to mount cd9660 file systems. It uses rump(3) and p2k(3) to facilitate running the file system as a server in userspace. As opposed to mount_cd9660(8), rump_cd9660 does not use file system code within the kernel and therefore does not require kernel support except puffs(4). Apart from a minor speed penalty there is no downside with respect to in-kernel code. rump_cd9660 does not require using vnconfig(8) for mounts from regular files and the file path can be passed directly as the image parameter. In fact, the use of vnconfig(8) is discouraged, since it is unable to properly deal with images on sparse files. In case the image contains multiple partitions, the desired partition must be indicated by appending the token ``%DISKLABEL:p%'' to the image path. The letter ``p'' specifies the partition as obtained via disklabel(8). For example, to mount partition ``e'' from image /tmp/wd0.img, use ``/tmp/wd0.img%DISKLABEL:e%''. It is recommended that untrusted file system images be mounted with rump_cd9660 instead of mount_cd9660(8). Corrupt file system images com- monly cause the file system to crash the entire kernel, but with rump_cd9660 only the userspace server process will dump core. To use rump_cd9660 via mount(8), the flags -o rump and -t cd9660 should be given. Similarly, rump_cd9660 is used instead of mount_cd9660(8) if ``rump'' is added to the options field of fstab(5). SEE ALSO
p2k(3), puffs(3), rump(3), mount_cd9660(8) HISTORY
The rump_cd9660 utility first appeared in NetBSD 5.0. BSD
November 21, 2010 BSD
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