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PUD(4)				   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			   PUD(4)

     pud -- Pass-to-Userspace Device

     pseudo-device pud
     pseudo-device putter

     The pud driver enables the implementation of block and character device drivers as userspace
     daemons.  The daemons register the device major number they wish to handle.  Registering a
     character device is mandatory, supporting the block device interface for same major device
     is optional.  The major number must be available, i.e. another driver must not be registered
     to handle the operation.  After successful registration the userspace daemon is supposed to
     handle the driver methods the kernel passes down to it.

     puffs(4), putter(9)

     This document is in a hit-in-the-head style obviously not even near complete.

     The subsystem lacks a puffs-style library that servers can be written against.

BSD					November 21, 2007				      BSD
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