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tcpdrop(8) [netbsd man page]

TCPDROP(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						TCPDROP(8)

tcpdrop -- drop a TCP connection SYNOPSIS
tcpdrop laddr lport faddr fport DESCRIPTION
The tcpdrop command drops the TCP connection specified by the local address laddr, port lport and the foreign address faddr, port fport. Addresses and ports can be specified by name or numeric value. EXAMPLES
If a connection to httpd(8) is causing congestion on a network link, one can drop the TCP session in charge: $ fstat | grep 'httpd.*internet.*<--' www httpd 21307 3* internet stream tcp 0xd1007ca8 <-- The following command will drop the connection: # tcpdrop 80 26747 SEE ALSO
fstat(1), netstat(1) BSD
June 23, 2007 BSD

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NOS-TUN(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						NOS-TUN(8)

nos-tun -- implement ``nos'' or ``ka9q'' style IP over IP tunnel SYNOPSIS
nos-tun -t tunnel -s source -d destination -p protocol_number [source] target DESCRIPTION
The nos-tun utility is used to establish an nos style tunnel, (also known as ka9q or IP-IP tunnel) using a tun(4) kernel interface. Tunnel is the name of the tunnel device /dev/tun0 for example. Source and destination are the addresses used on the tunnel device. If you configure the tunnel against a cisco router, use a netmask of ``'' on the cisco. This is because the tunnel is a point-to-point interface in the FreeBSD end, a concept cisco does not really implement. Protocol number sets tunnel mode. Original KA9Q NOS uses 94 but many people use 4 on the worldwide backbone of Target is the address of the remote tunnel device, this must match the source address set on the remote end. EXAMPLES
This end, a FreeBSD box on address nos-tun -t /dev/tun0 -s -d Remote cisco on address interface tunnel 0 ip address tunnel mode nos tunnel destination tunnel source AUTHORS
Nickolay N. Dudorov <> wrote the program, Poul-Henning Kamp <> wrote the man-page. Isao SEKI <> added a new flag, IP protocol number. BUGS
We do not allow for setting our source address for multihomed machines. BSD
April 11, 1998 BSD
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