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MOUNT_SYSCTLFS(8)		   BSD System Manager's Manual			MOUNT_SYSCTLFS(8)

     mount_sysctlfs -- mount sysctl namespace as a directory hierarchy

     mount_sysctlfs [-r] [-o mntopts] sysctlfs mount_point

     The mount_sysctlfs program provides the sysctl(8) hierarchy through the file system names-
     pace.  It is possible to browse the tree, query node values and modify them.  By default,
     the node contents are interpreted as ASCII.  If the -r flag is given, the server uses raw
     mode and displays node contents as they are received from the kernel (binary).

     puffs(3), puffs(4), mount(8), sysctl(8)

     The mount_sysctlfs utility first appeared in NetBSD 5.0.

     Raw mode [-r] does not currently support node modification.

BSD					  April 11, 2010				      BSD
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