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i2cscan(8) [netbsd man page]

I2CSCAN(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						I2CSCAN(8)

i2cscan -- scan an IIC bus for devices SYNOPSIS
i2cscan i2cdev DESCRIPTION
The i2cscan utility scans the IIC bus (iic(4)) specified by i2cdev to determine which addresses respond. WARNING! Using this utility can access some devices in such a manner as to leave them in an unstable or unusable state. It can also lock up the entire iic(4) bus. Don't use this utility unless you know what you're doing and can accept all sorts of unforeseen consequences. EXIT STATUS
The i2cscan utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. SEE ALSO
iic(4) BSD
October 6, 2011 BSD

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IIC(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    IIC(4)

iic -- Inter IC (I2C) bus SYNOPSIS
iic* at alipm? # sparc64 iic* at acpismbus? # amd64 i386 iic* at amdpm? # amd64 i386 iic* at armadillo9iic? # evbarm iic0 at at91twi? # evbarm iic0 at ausmbus0 # evbmips iic0 at cuda0 # macppc iic0 at gpiic? # evbppc iic* at gpioiic? # amd64 i386 iic* at gtiic? # evbppc iic* at gxiic? # evbarm iic* at ichsmb? # amd64 i386 iic0 at iociic0 # acorn26 iic0 at iomdiic? # acorn32 iic0 at iopiic? # evbarm iyonix iic* at ki2c? # macppc iic* at nfsmb? # amd64 i386 iic* at ociic? # sandpoint iic* at piixpm? # amd64 i386 iic0 at slugiic0 # evbarm iic* at viapcib? # i386 DESCRIPTION
I2C is a two-wire bus developed by Philips used for connecting integrated circuits. It is commonly used for connecting devices such as EEP- ROMs, temperature sensors, fan controllers, real-time clocks, tuners, and other types of integrated circuits. The iic driver provides a uniform programming interface layer between I2C master controllers and various I2C slave devices. Each I2C master controller attaches an iic framework; several slave devices can then be attached to the iic bus. All I2C slave devices are uniquely identified by the address on the bus. The master accesses a particular slave device using its address. System Management Bus (SMBus) protocol is also supported by emulating it with the I2C commands. SUPPORTED MASTERS
A wide list of I2C masters are supported, among them are: alipm(4) Acer Labs M7101 SMBus controller acpismbus(4) ACPI SMBus Control Method Interface amdpm(4) AMD768 Power Management Controller and AMD8111 System Management Controller armadillo9iic(4) at91twi(4) ausmbus(4) cuda(4) support for CUDA microcontrollers found in many Power Macintosh and and compatible computers gpiic(4) gtiic(4) gxiic(4) ichsmb(4) Intel ICH SMBus controller iociic(4) iomdiic(4) iopiic(4) ki2c(4) gpioiic(4) GPIO bit-banging nfsmb(4) NVIDIA nForce 2/3/4 SMBus controller and SMBus driver ociic(4) piixpm(4) Intel PIIX and compatible Power Management controller slugiic(4) viapcib(4) SUPPORTED SLAVES
A wide list of slaves are supported, among them: dbcool(4) dbCool(tm) family of environmental monitors and fan controllers rs5c372rtc(4) RICOH RS5C372A and RS5C372B real-time clock sgsmix(4) driver for SGS 7433 Basic Audio Processor found in some Apple machines spdmem(4) Generic Memory Module Serial Presence Detect SEE ALSO
dtviic(4), intro(4), i2cscan(8), iic(9) HISTORY
The I2C framework first appeared in NetBSD 2.0. OpenBSD support was added in OpenBSD 3.6. This manpage first appeared in NetBSD 6.0, it was ported from OpenBSD. AUTHORS
The I2C framework was written by Steve C. Woodford and Jason R. Thorpe for NetBSD and then ported to OpenBSD by Alexander Yurchenko <>. BSD
October 15, 2011 BSD

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