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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for release (netbsd section 7)

RELEASE(7)		       BSD Miscellaneous Information Manual		       RELEASE(7)

     release -- layout of NetBSD releases and snapshots

     This document describes the layout of NetBSD releases and snapshots.  This layout should be
     consistent between FTP servers and CD-ROMs, except possibly the path that leads to the
     release hierarchy.

     In this document, the following special words have these definitions:

     <machine>	     The platform for which the release was built, corresponding to the
		     hw.machine sysctl variable, e.g., i386 or amiga.

     <machine_arch>  The architecture for which a particular installation set was built, corre-
		     sponding to the hw.machine_arch sysctl variable, e.g., i386 or m68k.

     <rel>	     The release version number.

     All README files are descriptions of the various files in directories that have
     ``non-standard'' contents.  There may also be a README file at the top-level, describing who
     built the snapshot and under what circumstances (e.g., whether it's an official NetBSD
     snapshot, or not).

     All MD5 files are MD5 digests for the various files in that directory, in the format pro-
     duced by the command: cksum -m <file>.

     All SHA512 files are SHA512 digests for the various files in that directory, in the format
     produced by the command: cksum -a SHA512 <file>.

     The SHA512 digest is safer, but MD5 checksums are provided so that a wider range of operat-
     ing systems can check the integrity of the release files.

     Files that end in .tgz are gzipped tar archives.  This is used in lieu of .tar.gz because
     the software used to download the sets may incorrectly auto-unpack files ending in .gz and
     to accommodate systems which only support 3 character extensions to file names.

     All tar archives are relative to the target's / directory, and do not include the leading

     The root of the release hierarchy may be the root directory of a CD-ROM, but in all other
     cases it should be .../NetBSD-<rel>/.

     The root of the release hierarchy should contain the following files and subdirectories:

     images/	Image files intended for use in installing NetBSD.  There are different types of
		images for different platforms, and sometimes multiple different image types for
		a single platform.

		Images in this directory, unlike images in the
		.../NetBSD-<rel>/<machine>/installation/ directories, contain file systems that
		have an internal layout that corresponds to a complete release for a given
		machine type.  If built with ``iso-image-source'', then it will also contain a
		``source'' directory.  These images are usually bootable.



		NetBSD-<rel>-<machine>.iso  CDROM images in ISO 9660 format, usually created with
					    ``./build.sh ... iso-image ...'' after a ``./build.sh
					    -x ... release ...'' in src or created with
					    ``./build.sh ... iso-image-source ...'' after a
					    ``./build.sh -x ... release sourcesets ...'' in src.

					    Bootable installation images intended to be written
					    to any drive which appears as an sd(4) type, such as
					    USB flash disks.  These images are created with
					    ``./build.sh ... install-image'' in src.

     shared/	Files shared by two or more machine types.

				Files which may be shared by all systems of the same
				<machine_arch> will be located in
				.../NetBSD-<rel>/shared/<machine_arch>/ with symbolic links
				pointing to these files from the <machine> subdirectory.

		ALL/		Files which are completely machine-independent will be located in
				.../NetBSD-<rel>/shared/ALL/ with symbolic links pointing to
				these files from the <machine> subdirectory.

     source/	Source code of the operating system should be put into .../NetBSD-<rel>/source/
		using the following layout:

		sets/  Sources for the various system sets.



		       gnusrc.tgz    Contains sources for all GPLed and possibly other programs
				     that contains restrictions in their licensing that prevent
				     others from using these programs in closed-source environ-

		       sharesrc.tgz  Contains machine-independent data files that can be shared
				     across architectures/systems.

		       src.tgz	     The operating system's userland source code, including all
				     programs, tools, libraries, etc.

		       syssrc.tgz    Kernel sources for all architectures plus sources of the
				     tools needed to build kernels (like config(1)).

		       xsrc.tgz      Source code of the X Window System used on all NetBSD archi-
				     tectures.	Includes X clients and servers.

		The binary releases in .../NetBSD-<rel>/<machine>/ fit the following layout:

		INSTALL.txt    Installation notes, including complete descriptions of files con-
			       tained within the release hierarchy

		INSTALL.more   pretty version, suited for viewing with more(1)

		INSTALL.html   HTML version

		INSTALL.ps     PostScript version

		binary/        system binaries

			       sets/	installation sets



					base.tgz     The base binary distribution.  This set con-
						     tains the base NetBSD utilities that are
						     necessary for the system to run and be mini-
						     mally functional.	This set excludes all
						     things listed in the sets described below.

					comp.tgz     The compiler tools distribution.  This set
						     contains the C and C++ compilers, assembler,
						     linker, other toolchain components, and
						     their manual pages.  It also includes the
						     system include files (/usr/include) and the
						     static system libraries.

					etc.tgz      This set contains the system configuration
						     files that reside in /etc and in several
						     other places throughout the file system

					games.tgz    This set includes the games and their manual

					kern.tgz     This set includes a generic kernel.

					man.tgz      This set includes all of the manual pages
						     for the binaries and other software con-
						     tained in the base set which are not
						     included in the other sets.

					misc.tgz     This set includes miscellaneous non-essen-
						     tial files, including dictionaries, the
						     typesettable document set, and various other
						     documentation and example configuration

					modules.tgz  This set includes all the kernel modules.

					text.tgz     This set includes the NetBSD text processing
						     tools, including groff(1), all related pro-
						     grams, and their manual pages.

					xbase.tgz    This set includes the base X11 distribution,
						     including manual pages and excluding every-
						     thing contained in the other X11 sets.

					xcomp.tgz    This set includes the X11 include files and
						     static X11 libraries.

					xfont.tgz    This set includes the X11 fonts.

					xserver.tgz  This set includes the X servers and manual
						     pages for a given machine.  Note: this set
						     may not be available on some platforms.

			       kernel/	suitably named, gzipped kernels



					netbsd-GENERIC.gz  A kernel built from the GENERIC kernel
							   configuration file.	This is meant as
							   an example only; different platforms
							   may have differently named kernels.

		installation/  installation helper items

			       cdrom/	   CDROM images in ISO 9660 format, created as part of
					   ``build.sh ... release ...'' in src.

					   Images in this directory are bootable, and contain one
					   a kernel, installation tools, and rescue tools.  They
					   do not contain installation sets, source sets, or
					   other components of a complete release.

					   Note: These images are only present in the amd64 and
					   i386 distributions.



					   boot.iso	 VGA console

					   boot-com.iso  Serial console

			       diskimage/  disk images, on those platforms that provide them




			       floppy/	   floppy images, on those platforms that provide them





					   installation kernels for platforms that can boot them




			       miniroot/   miniroot images, on those platforms that provide them




			       misc/	   miscellaneous installation helper utilities, including
					   boot selectors, floppy writing software, other soft-
					   ware that runs under foreign operating systems, etc.




			       netboot/    network boot programs




			       tapeimage/  tape images, on those platforms that provide them




     cksum(1), gzip(1), split(1), tar(1)

     The release manual page first appeared in NetBSD 1.3.

BSD					September 6, 2012				      BSD

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