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WDC(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    WDC(4)

wdc -- WD100x compatible hard disk controllers driver SYNOPSIS
ISA and ISA plug'n'play controllers wdc0 at isa? port 0x1f0 irq 14 flags 0x00 wdc1 at isa? port 0x170 irq 15 flags 0x00 wdc* at isapnp? Open Firmware ISA wdc* at ofisa? PCMCIA controllers wdc* at pcmcia? function ? arm32 wdc0 at pioc? offset 0x01f0 irq 9 atari wdc0 at mainbus0 amiga wdc0 at mainbus0 DESCRIPTION
The wdc driver provides the interface with the hardware for the ata(4) driver. This driver supports IDE and EIDE controllers, as well as MFM, RLL and ESDI on the ISA bus. PCI IDE controllers in legacy mode are also supported, but the pciide(4) driver may provide more functionality. On the ISA front-end, the following flags are supported: 0x0001 Enables 32-bit I/O negotiation in the driver. This is known to cause problems with some motherboards. 0x0002 Don't probe for the second drive. 0x0004 Set WDC_CAPABILITY_ATA_NOSTREAM flag. 0x0008 Set WDC_CAPABILITY_ATAPI_NOSTREAM flag. SEE ALSO
ata(4), atapi(4), intro(4), isa(4), isapnp(4), mainbus(4), ofisa(4), pciide(4), pcmcia(4), scsi(4), wd(4) BSD
October 8, 2003 BSD

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OFISA(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						  OFISA(4)

ofisa -- introduction to machine-independent Open Firmware ISA bus support and drivers SYNOPSIS
ofisa* at mainbus0 XX* at ofisa? DESCRIPTION
NetBSD includes a machine-independent ISA bus subsystem and several machine-independent ISA device drivers. The ofisa bus uses Open Firmware to determine how to attach devices. HARDWARE
NetBSD includes machine-independent Open Firmware ISA drivers, sorted by device type and driver name: Disk and tape controllers wdc Standard Western Digital type hard drive controllers: MFM, RLL, ESDI, and IDE/ATAPI. Serial and parallel interfaces com NS8250-, NS16450-, and NS16550-based serial ports. lpt Standard ISA parallel port interface. Network interfaces cs Cirrus Logic Crystal CS8900 Ethernet interfaces. Sound cards and MIDI interfaces ess ESS Technology AudioDrive 1788-, 1888-, 1887-, and 888-based sound cards. Miscellaneous devices joy Game (joystick) adapters. SEE ALSO
com(4), cs(4), ess(4), intro(4), isa(4), joy(4), lpt(4), wdc(4) HISTORY
The Open Firmware ISA subsystem appeared in NetBSD 1.4. BSD
July 25, 2000 BSD
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