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VIRTIO(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						 VIRTIO(4)

virtio -- Para-virtualized I/O in a virtual machine SYNOPSIS
virtio* at pci? dev ? function ? ld* at virtio? vioif* at virtio? viomb* at virtio? DESCRIPTION
virtio defines an interface for efficient, standard and extensible I/O between the hypervisor and the virtual machine. The virtio device driver represents an emulated PCI device that the hypervisor makes available to the virtual machine. virtio driver itself provides the core infrastructure to communicate with the hypervisor (called virtqueues) and supports the following devices: ld(4) A Disk device. vioif(4) An Ethernet device. viomb(4) A pseudo-device to release memory back to the hypervisor. SEE ALSO
ld(4), pci(4), vioif(4), viomb(4) Rusty Russell, IBM Corporation, Virtio PCI Card Specification, HISTORY
The virtio driver first appeared in NetBSD 6.0. BSD
November 5, 2011 BSD

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VIOMB(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						  VIOMB(4)

viomb -- VirtIO memory ballooning driver SYNOPSIS
virtio* at pci? dev ? function ? viomb* at virtio? DESCRIPTION
virtio(4) defines an interface for efficient, standard, and extensible I/O between the hypervisor and the virtual machine. The viomb driver supports the virtio-compliant memory ballooning device. Memory ballooning works as follows: 1. The host operator requests a guest to return some amount of memory to the host (via e.g. Qemu monitor balloon command). 2. The hypervisor sends the request via VirtIO memory ballooning device. 3. The guest viomb driver requests allocation of that amount of physical memory from the NetBSD memory management system. 4. The viomb device tells the hypervisor the guest physical memory address of the allocated memory via VirtIO memory ballooning device. The sysctl node hw.viomb.npages shows the requested number of memory pages to return to the hypervisor, while hw.viomb.actual shows the actual number of memory pages that are already returned to the hypervisor. SEE ALSO
virtio(4), sysctl(8) Rusty Russell, IBM Corporation, Virtio PCI Card Specification, HISTORY
The viomb device driver appeared in NetBSD 6.0. BUGS
The userland interface should be same as the Xen ballooning device. BSD
November 26, 2011 BSD
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