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TC(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						     TC(4)

tc -- TURBOchannel expansion bus driver SYNOPSIS
alpha tc* at tcasic? pmax tc* at mainbus0 DESCRIPTION
The tc driver provides machine-independent support for the DEC TURBOchannel expansion bus found on all DEC 5000-series machines with MIPS and DEC 3000-series with Alpha processors. Your system may support additional TURBOchannel devices. Drivers for TURBOchannel devices not listed here are machine-dependent. Consult your system's intro(4) for additional information. HARDWARE
NetBSD includes machine-independent TURBOchannel drivers, sorted by device type and driver name: SCSI interfaces asc PMAZ-A single-channel SCSI adapter tcds PMAZ-DS, PMAZ-FS, PMAZB-AA and PMAZC-AA dual-channel SCSI adapters Network interfaces fta PMAF-F DEFTA FDDI controller le LANCE Ethernet interface Frame buffers cfb PMAG-B CX colour unaccelerated 2-D framebuffer mfb PMAG-A MX monochrome framebuffer px PMAG-C PX accelerated graphics boards pxg PMAG-D, PMAG-E and PMAG-F PXG accelerated graphics boards sfb PMAGB-BA HX colour unaccelerated 2-D framebuffer tfb PMAG-J TX 24-bit colour unaccelerated 2-D framebuffer Miscellaneous ioasic baseboard IO control ASIC for DEC TURBOchannel systems SEE ALSO
asc(4), cfb(4), fta(4), intro(4), ioasic(4), le(4), mfb(4), px(4), pxg(4), sfb(4), tcds(4), tfb(4) HISTORY
The tc driver first appeared in NetBSD 1.1. BUGS
The tc driver makes poor use of interrupt priority on the 5000/1xx series systems. BSD
September 12, 2001 BSD

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EISA(4) 						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						   EISA(4)

eisa -- Introduction to EISA bus machine-independent drivers and support SYNOPSIS
options EISAVERBOSE Machine-dependent; depends on the bus topology and EISA bus interface of your system. Typical EISA buses are either connected directly to the main system bus, or via an PCI to EISA bridge. See the intro(4) documentation for your system for details. DESCRIPTION
NetBSD includes a machine-independent EISA bus subsystem and several machine-independent EISA device drivers. Your system may support additional EISA devices. Drivers for EISA devices not listed here are machine-dependent. Consult your system's intro(4) for additional information. SUPPORTED DEVICES
NetBSD includes machine-independent EISA drivers, sorted by device type and driver name: Disk and tape controllers cac Compaq array controllers. mlx Mylex DAC960 and DEC SWXCR RAID controllers. SCSI interfaces ahb Adaptec 174x SCSI interfaces. ahc Adaptec AIC 7770, 274x, and 284x SCSI interfaces. bha BusLogic BT-74x SCSI interfaces. dpt DPT SmartCache/SmartRAID III and IV SCSI interfaces. uha Ultrastor 24f SCSI interfaces. Network interfaces ep 3Com 3c579 and 3c592 10Mbit Ethernet, and 3c597 10/100Mbit Ethernet interfaces. fea Digital DEFEA FDDI interfaces. le Digital DE422 Ethernet interfaces. tlp Digital DE425 Ethernet interfaces. Note that most or all EISA devices also have PCI or ISA equivalents. These are listed in pci(4), isa(4), or isapnp(4), respectively. The manual pages for each individual driver also lists the supported bus variants. SEE ALSO
ahb(4), ahc(4), bha(4), cac(4), dpt(4), ep(4), fea(4), intro(4), le(4), mlx(4), tlp(4), uha(4) HISTORY
The machine-independent EISA subsystem appeared in NetBSD 1.2. BSD
September 27, 2002 BSD
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