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TCDS(4) 			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			  TCDS(4)

     tcds -- TURBOchannel dual-channel SCSI adapters

     tcds* at tc? slot ? offset ?

     The tcds driver provides support for the DEC TURBOchannel PMAZ-DS, PMAZ-FS, PMAZB-AA and
     PMAZC-AA dual-channel SCSI adapters.  Each channel is driven by the asc(4) driver.  The
     PMAZ-FS (Alpha onboard only) and PMAZC-AA (option board) provide two Fast Narrow SCSI
     busses, while the PMAX-DS (Alpha onboard only) and PMAZB-AA only provide Narrow SCSI.  For
     the onboard Alpha controllers, one bus is for internal devices and one bus for external


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