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IOASIC(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						 IOASIC(4)

ioasic -- baseboard IO control ASIC for DEC TURBOchannel systems SYNOPSIS
ioasic0 at tc? slot ? offset ? DESCRIPTION
The ioasic driver provides support for the DEC proprietary IOCTL ASIC found on all DEC TURBOchannel machines with MIPS (DECstation 5000 series, excluding the 5000/200) and Alpha (3000-series) processors. On these machines (including the 5000/200), all baseboard devices should be configured as children of the ioasic device. The ioasic provides hardware DMA channels and interrupt support for several baseboard devices, including one asc SCSI device with a scat- ter/gather DMA channel, an mc146818-compatible mcclock, an Am7930 audio device bba, one or two scc two-port serial devices, and a AMD 7990 LANCE le Ethernet interface. The ioasic is also used for the floppy-disc drive and audio/ISDN hardware on the Personal DECstation and audio-equipped TURBOchannel Alphas, where the ioasic hardware provides a scatter-gather DMA channel between the 16-bit device and the 32-bit tc DMA address space. Support for scatter-gather DMA eliminates the need for additional copying. A baseboard asc SCSI adaptor attached to an ioasic will give slightly better performance than its tc counterpart. SEE ALSO
asc(4), bba(4), intro(4), le(4), mcclock(4), scc(4), tc(4) HISTORY
The ioasic driver first appeared in NetBSD 1.1, derived from DECstation boot-time configuration code in 4.4BSD. BUGS
The DECstation 5000/200 does not actually have an IOASIC chip, but for consistency it must be configured as if it did. BSD
September 12, 1996 BSD

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TC(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						     TC(4)

tc -- TURBOchannel expansion bus driver SYNOPSIS
alpha tc* at tcasic? pmax tc* at mainbus0 DESCRIPTION
The tc driver provides machine-independent support for the DEC TURBOchannel expansion bus found on all DEC 5000-series machines with MIPS and DEC 3000-series with Alpha processors. Your system may support additional TURBOchannel devices. Drivers for TURBOchannel devices not listed here are machine-dependent. Consult your system's intro(4) for additional information. HARDWARE
NetBSD includes machine-independent TURBOchannel drivers, sorted by device type and driver name: SCSI interfaces asc PMAZ-A single-channel SCSI adapter tcds PMAZ-DS, PMAZ-FS, PMAZB-AA and PMAZC-AA dual-channel SCSI adapters Network interfaces fta PMAF-F DEFTA FDDI controller le LANCE Ethernet interface Frame buffers cfb PMAG-B CX colour unaccelerated 2-D framebuffer mfb PMAG-A MX monochrome framebuffer px PMAG-C PX accelerated graphics boards pxg PMAG-D, PMAG-E and PMAG-F PXG accelerated graphics boards sfb PMAGB-BA HX colour unaccelerated 2-D framebuffer tfb PMAG-J TX 24-bit colour unaccelerated 2-D framebuffer Miscellaneous ioasic baseboard IO control ASIC for DEC TURBOchannel systems SEE ALSO
asc(4), cfb(4), fta(4), intro(4), ioasic(4), le(4), mfb(4), px(4), pxg(4), sfb(4), tcds(4), tfb(4) HISTORY
The tc driver first appeared in NetBSD 1.1. BUGS
The tc driver makes poor use of interrupt priority on the 5000/1xx series systems. BSD
September 12, 2001 BSD
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