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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for podulebus (netbsd section 4)

PODULEBUS(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 		     PODULEBUS(4)

     podulebus -- Acorn Expansion Card bus driver

     podulebus0 at ioc0 bank 4
     podulebus0 at root

     The podulebus driver handles the expansion-card interface in Archimedes machines and their
     successors.  This includes conventional expansion cards, mini expansion cards (as introduced
     in the A3000), network expansion cards (as introduced in the A3020), DEBI expansion cards
     (as introduced in the Risc PC), and Mk II network cards (also introduced in the Risc PC).
     Drivers for individual cards attach as children of the podulebus device.

     NetBSD includes several machine-independent expansion card device drivers.  There are also
     some device drivers which are specific to NetBSD/acorn26 or NetBSD/acorn32.

     The following devices are supported by NetBSD.

   SCSI interfaces
     asc	 Acorn AKA30, AKA31, and AKA32 SCSI expansion cards (NetBSD/acorn32).

     cosc	 MCS Connect32 SCSI interface (NetBSD/acorn32).

     csa	 Cumana 8-bit SCSI interface (NetBSD/acorn32).

     csc	 Cumana 16-bit SCSI interface (NetBSD/acorn32).

     hcsc	 HCCS 8-bit SCSI interface.

     oak	 Oak SCSI interface.

     ptsc	 Powertec SCSI interface (NetBSD/acorn32).

     sec	 Acorn AKA30, AKA31, and AKA32 SCSI expansion cards.

   Disk controllers
     dtide	 D.T. Software IDE controller.

     hcide	 HCCS IDE controller.

     icside	 ICS IDE controller (NetBSD/acorn32).

     rapide	 Yellowstone Educational Solutions RapIDE IDE controller (NetBSD/acorn32).

     simide	 Simtec IDE controller (NetBSD/acorn32).

   Network interfaces
     ea 	 Atomwide A-10xx and Acorn AEH54 Ethernet cards (Ether3).

     eb 	 Atomwide and ANT network-slot and Acorn AEH61 Ethernet cards (EtherB).

     eh 	 i-cubed EtherLan 100-, 200- and 500-series, and Acorn AEH75, AEH77, and AEH79
		 Ethernet cards (EtherH) (NetBSD/acorn26).

     ei 	 Acorn AKA25 Ethernet card (Ether1).

     ie 	 Acorn AKA25 Ethernet card (Ether1) (NetBSD/acorn32).

     ne 	 Various vaguely NE2000-compatible Ethernet cards (NetBSD/acorn32).

   Serial interfaces
     amps	 Atomwide multi-port serial interface (NetBSD/acorn32).

     acorn26/eh(4), acorn32/asc(4), acorn32/cosc(4), acorn32/csc(4), acorn32/ie(4),
     acorn32/ptsc(4), dtide(4), ea(4), eb(4), ei(4), hcide(4), ne(4), oak(4), sec(4)

     Too few drivers are shared between NetBSD/acorn26 and NetBSD/acorn32.

BSD					 October 26, 2006				      BSD

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