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DTIDE(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			 DTIDE(4)

     dtide -- D.T. Software IDE interface driver

     dtide* at podulebus0 slot ?
     atabus* at dtide? channel ?

     The dtide driver handles a D.T. Software IDE interface plugged into an Acorn expansion slot.
     It uses the standard NetBSD IDE controller driver, and hence can use the standard atabus

     The card provides two IDE channels.  The external IDE connector is channel 0, while the
     internal connector is channel 1.

     atabus(4), atapibus(4), podulebus(4), wd(4)

     The driver was derived by reverse-engineering the card and its RISC OS driver, so it may not
     handle the card entirely optimally.

BSD					 October 8, 2003				      BSD
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