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PIIXPCIB(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 		      PIIXPCIB(4)

     piixpcib -- Intel PIIX4 PCI-ISA bridge with SpeedStep

     piixpcib* at pci? dev ? function ?
     isa* at piixpcib?

     The piixpcib driver provides support for the Intel PIIX and compatible PCI-ISA Bridges with
     Intel's first generation SpeedStep.

     Frequency scaling is supported on Pentium III with two voltage modes, used by SpeedStep as
     power states low and high.  The driver will switch into low power state by reducing voltage
     and frequency of the CPU.	The factor depends on the processor itself, but will always
     reduce power consumption about 1/2.

     The user can manually control the CPU frequency with the sysctl(8) program using the follow-
     ing node:

	   machdep.speedstep_state = [0/1]

     est(4), isa(4), pci(4), apmd(8), sysctl(8)

     The piixpcib driver first appeared in FreeBSD 5.5 and then in NetBSD 4.0.

     The current piixpcib driver was written by Bruno Ducrot.  It was ported to NetBSD by Jared
     D. McNeill <jmcneill@NetBSD.org>.

BSD					  March 1, 2011 				      BSD
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