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FWIP(4) 			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			  FWIP(4)

     fwip -- IP over IEEE1394 driver

     fwip* at ieee1394if?

     The fwip driver provides standard IP over IEEE1394 based on the protocols described in RFC
     2734 and RFC 3146.

     The ieee1394if(4) and fwohci(4) drivers must be configured in the kernel as well.

     arp(4), fwohci(4), ieee1394if(4), netintro(4), ifconfig(8), sysctl(8)

     The fwip device driver first appeared in FreeBSD 5.3.  It was added to NetBSD 4.0.

     The fwip driver and this manual page were written by Doug Rabson, based on earlier work by
     Hidetoshi Shimokawa.  It was added to NetBSD 4.0 by KIYOHARA Takashi.

     This driver currently does not support the MCAP protocol for multicast IP over IEEE1394.
     Multicast packets are treated as broadcast packets which is sufficient for most trivial uses
     of multicast.

BSD					  June 18, 2005 				      BSD
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